2002, a studio

2002, art grads (10 of 16) studio building, University of California, USA…visible window locates the studio that was mine…

window, inside…


…started to sense that everything in the studio was part of one big artwork (installation), and that I would have to figure out how to control or not control it (hypercontrol vs chance became important), started relating individual artworks to other individual artworks and groupings of artworks and to furniture, tools, walls, stains, etc., dark and dank studio atmosphere encouraged feelings of claustrophobia which were released by daily long walks along a creek nearby, began to control my stuff by binding and arranging.

1998, studio

1998, studio, Florida Room, Buchanan Road, San Carlos Park, Fort Myers, Florida, USA.


Illustration fully ditched, fine art fully committed to.

Intuitively making things while very consciously determining a definition of fine art.

Shift focus from 2-d to 3-d.

Shift from consumer to non-consumer.

Overwhelming feeling of being buried by my own crap…recognition dealing with my own crap would be critical somehow in my art.

Developing views/philosophy on teaching (taught 2 classes, basic design/drawing/painting, per semester at local community college from 1996-2000).

look but do not touch

At the end of the first year of grad school at UC Davis in the summer of 2003 I changed studios, from a dark dank smallish space to a largish airy skylit space.

It was at that point that I realized I was working on an all-encompassing on-going artwork…a box was no longer only a box, a single ‘finished’ artwork was no longer just that…it all was 1 artwork made of artworks made of artworks made of artworks.

I intuitively situated all my stuff into the new space and called it an installation.  I left it that way for 24 hours with the door wide open with a sign stating ‘look, but do not touch’.  As far as I know no one saw it.