BOX #8

isjw box8aa

63 FROM TACO BELL & 1 FROM CARL’S JR; tue06:49:13pm24mar2011; 63 burrito wrappers, 192 used hot sauce packets, 64 receipts, a white paper bag, masking tape, ink; 6.5×5.5×4.5 inches.          MR PALMER, THE $5 POEM, AND THE MOTEL 6; fri05:01:35pm17sep2010; rubberbands, paper, tape, ink, misc; approx 5x4x3 inches.          ?3 CATALOGS, INK  (see BOX #56) ?         2 PIECES OF WOOD & 4 PIECES OF TAPE & SOME PAINT MARKS; thu05:5843pm26may2011; wood, tape, paint; 15x8x.5 inches (closed), 30x8x.25 inches (open, flat).           VENT-U-RAH; spring2005; wood, plastic, tape, post-it, ink, nails; a townhouse was purchased in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, final inspection showed garage door did not seal properly, sellers attempted fix with a new weather strip, It broke when they closed the garage door, though broken they left it attached, I detached it, cut it up, packed it into a frame made from scrap wood, and use it to vent-u-rah; 3×13.75×7.5 inches.         WHAT DID YOU EAT UNDER THERE? (BOX 1 OF 2); thu03:39:41pm24jun2004; used briefs, used boxers, used undershirts, 1/2 dozen used Gap t-shirts (bound), used handkerchiefs, used washcloths, 2 rubber masks, rags, 3 (4?) cardboard boxes, plastic, paper, towels, marker ink, sisal, used hat, tape; approx 9x12x18 inches.          V.I.P. Q&A (9Q’S&1AJAX W/FOLDER); sat08:35:00pm25jul2015; paper, ink, used tape, dried blood (cover is cardboard, ink, paint, tape, graphite, 3 stickers, 1 metal clip; 13.5×8.5x.5to1 inches (closed).

isjw 8b

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