BOX #37

isjw 37a

CART, 06 DEC 2001 TO 18 SEP 2002, 19 SEP 2002 TO 15 MAR 2003 (14 MONTHS & 8 DAYS); Spring 2003 and 2013; 20 1/4″x 12 1/4″x 12 1/4″ (with handle not extended); all that might have been refuse (during the dates of the title) generated by me, string, upholstery thread, masking tape, black tape, post-it, ink, white Elastomeric Roof Coating, 2 library card catalog cards (currently located in booklet entitled BNTCFJLXAVO, twist-ties, used hand cart (metal, rubber wheels, plastic handle cover, handle unfolds).          EAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL; fri03:01:58pm27dec2013; used tape, ink; 83×2 inches.          I-THINK-I-CAN-I-THINK-I-CAN-CAN-YOU-ALL-MAN-MAN; 08aug2008; 8 pieces of white packing foam; 11×13.5×2 inches.

isjw 37b

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