BOX #31

edge dressing

isjw 31a

PLUMBER VISIT; 14 NOV 2006 – arrive 10:25 a.m. & leave 11:10 a.m.; 3 1/2″x 3 1/2″x 3/4″; ink, post-it note, 1 sheet of 8 1/2″x 11″ white bond paper, 9 paper towels, more ink, note (smaller), plastic, masking tape.  (moved to BOX #38)           DUCK, DUCK or HOOK, LINE, AND MY OWN PERSONAL SINKER; late JUL 2007; 10 1/2″x 20 1/2″x 6″; string, sisal, plastic, rope, duct tape, cardboard, jar & lid, rusted metal bolts & nuts originally intended to bolt wood framing to concrete foundation.          2 CENTS ON…PARTS IS PARTS (ONE & ANOTHER ONE); 2 parts, each one is 6″x 19 1/4″x 5 1/4″; Independence Day, 2007; string, 100 MPH tape, copper pipe & shoelace tourniquet, plastic, Sharpie ink, 1 cent, clear tape, India ink, charcoal, graphite, 2 labels, more ink, rolls of paper, 2 half sheets of bond paper, masking tape.  (moved to BOX #38 and BOX #40)     AH-GAH-PEY, AH-GAH-PEY, AH, AH…; tue03:59:22pm24sep2013; string, black electrical tape, found rubberized cloth glove, used car part, bronze bird sculpture (2 birds); 12x8x7in.          WITH ONE 2x2x3/4-INCH  NATURAL RUBBER ISO-CUBE DESIGNED TO REDUCE VIBRATION AND NOISE EMANATING FROM REFRIGERATION AND AC EQUIPMENT; wed10:07:19am27nov2013; rubber, string, elastomeric, used dental floss, upholstery thread (mastex corp style 8615 nylon bzt-18 56g nominal black 744), a cotton swab, rope, Kelly’s Cobbler professional grade water proofing black heel & sole dressing, clear tape, black tape, white tape, 14 cassettes w/plastic cases; main larger cube is 5 3/8×4 3/4×4 1/4 inches, loose string is 41 inches.

isjw 31b

iso-cube and more

more images: here.

undressing undressing undressing


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