BOX #40

isjw 40a

FF (NO TELLING); APR 2007; 15 1/2″x 13 1/2″x 6″; string,sisal, used shoelace, used black elastic sunglasses strap, used blue polyester cord found beside the American River, styrofoam, small post-it, ink.          PEE-AIN’T-TING-PI-STOOB; 12:51 p.m. MON 21 JUN 2004, 2000; 19″x 4 1/2″ diameter; 9 bottoms trimmed from 2-liter plastic diet soda bottles, acrylic paint, ink, post-it, clear & masking tape, translucent paper.          ROCKET (WITH AUTOPOSITIVE PAPERBOARD BOX FRAGMENTS); 1999; rocket is 16″x 5″ diameter, box with fragments is 17 1/4″x 4 1/2″x 4 1/4″; rocket is from group demo…made of found wire lampshade structure, 2 conical paper drinking cups, tin can, paint, ink, 3 chopsticks, 3 1/2 Q-tips, glue, masking tape & box is paperboard, tape.          I SWEARING; SUN 3:55p.m. 20 JUN 2004; 9 3/8″x 5″x 3″; 15 pocket Bibles – 1 issued during military service, 13 purchased at thrift stores, and 1 given to me (he said they had 50 people working in 10-hour shifts and that they were going to give away 6000 Bibles in 2 days…”Free Scripture”, he kept saying), ink, tape, paper.  (moved to BOX #19)          62 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT; 10:13 a.m. SUN 23 JUN 2004; 4″x 7″x 6″; meat thermometer, 1 silver clip, 7 large binder clips, 1 medium & 5 small binder clips, clothespin, rubberband, tape, ink, paper, 8 1/2″x 11″ folded in 1/8’s paper (with diagram).  (moved to BOX #33)          BOCA GRANDE; late sep2008; approx 54″x80″; plastic, Magic Marker ink, banana sticker, masking tape.  Note:  this is a kinetic piece.  (moved to BOX #33)          (ANOTHER ONE)  (see BOX #31)          3 PAINTBRUSHES; 1st week of jul2012; string, masking tape, 3 paintbrushes (wooed, plastic, metal, hairs), traces of paint; approx 11″x2 3/4″.          2 PAINTBRUSHES; 1st week of jul2012; string, masking tape, 2 paintbrushes (metal, wood, hairs), traces of paint; 12 1/4″x3″x1 3/4″.          4 PAINTBRUSHES; 1st week of jul2012; string, masking tape, 4 paintbrushes (wood, plastic, hairs), traces of paint; 10 1/4″x2 1/4″x2.          THROW IN THE OCEAN; last week of jun2012; string, masking tape, wire, used paintbrushes & used toothbrushes (plastic, metal, hairs, traces of paint charcoal graphite); 11 1/2″x3 1/4″x2 1/4″.          4 OF 6 ALL COMBINED & MIXED THEN DIVIDED INTO 27 EQUAL PARTS THEN 1/2 OF EACH POURED INTO EACH OF THE TOTAL 54 BOXES; wed06:38:02pm11jul2012; plastic, paper, ink, traces of tempera paint; 7 1/8″x2 3/8″ diameter.

isjw 40b

more images:  here.



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