BOX #14

i met her in the

isjw 14a

2 STIRSTICKS; summer2005; post-it, ink, blue rubberband, blue hairband, plastic banana box sheeting (with holes), 2 yellow rubberbands, a yellow hairband, clear tape, 2 used stirsticks, paint; closed: 1.25x2x21.24 inches, open: extended stirsticks – 36.5×1.5x.5 inches, plastic banana box sheeting – 44×38 inches, installation size varies.          SQUEAKER 08JUN2009-03AUG2010 (421 DAYS); aug2010; all that would have been trash b/w dates of title, mostly plastic, with 2 bra inserts & 2 used toilet flappers & 2 found wine bag spouts, sisal, string; 12×8.5×8.5 inches.           CONFORMS TO ASTM D4236 & D4302; tue01:31:08pm10jul2012; string, masking tape, 13 used plastic tubes of Binney & Smith acrylic paint; 2″x7″ diameter.          ONE-EYED MADONNA & NO-EYED CHILD; winter2001; approx 3 months of garbage generated by me and my wife, 6 found metal support pieces, 1 found nipple, sisal, string, whipping twine; 2 parts…ONE-EYED MADONNA is 9.5×9.5×6.5 inches, NO-EYED CHILD is 6.5x16x5.5 inches (installation varies, string tied together during installation).

isjw 14b

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