BOX #57 (empty)

***** THIS BOX IS EMPTY AS OF JUN2012 *****

MA-HE—-AN-Y #2 (2 PIECES); original from 2003, cut in half and wire and clear tape added on thu23apr2011; sisal, string, wire, clear tape, upholstery thread, Stanley machete with paperboard sheath, found homemade cricket bat, found wooden paddle, found weeder, found found homemade chopping tool, 4 knives, 2 screwdrivers, 2 pokers, paint can opener/bottle opener; 27”x4½”x7¾” (when the 2 pieces butted together).  (moved to BOX #55)          FILARIAL ZOOM #2 (2 PIECES); original from 1999, cut in half & cut ends mended mid-July2011; string, thread, hemp, sisal, wire, tape, misc used lids, a glass jar, found half of a toy figure; 26”x3”-5” (diameter).  (moved to BOX #24)          ONE TOO THREE #2 (1 OF 1) (3 PIECES); original (1 piece) from winter 2002, cut in 3 pieces and duct tape and wire added on wed22aug2011; wire, duct tape, masking tape, wood (mostly spacer strips that were used in conjunction with a load of palope wood destined for use as a boardwalk at a cypress swamp in SW Florida), metal, foam rubber; 3 parts – each measures approx 13 3/4”x4 1/4” (diameter).  (moved to BOX #33)          PA-SHE—-SOME (NO YOU CAN’T); originally part of MA-HE—-AN-Y (2003); detached and titled mon12:13:07pm26sep2011; 1 dozen stirsticks from The Home Depot, paint, masking tape, paper; 23”x2¾”x1 5/8”.  (moved to BOX #6)          IMPROVISED SPECIAL PLACE HOLDER; 2010 (summer); fast food paper cup and a special sticker; 3 1/4”x3 1/4”x3”.  (moved to BOX #4)          MR PALMER…OH OH OH MR PALMER; tue11:59:01am26jul2011; string, 1 burnt out desk lamp bulb in an improvised envelop in a plastic package, various business cards & notes, an Altoids tin with happy girl slide inside, 2 small binder clips, 1 rubber band, 1 handmade memo booklet, various tickets, one cent; 2 3/4”x4 ¼”x3”.  (moved to BOX #4)          1579 ITEMS CHECKED OUT FROM LIBRARIES IN 5 YRS IN MARIN COUNTY; sat09:45:27am30jul2011; 5 feet of cotton string, 3 metal binder clips (L, M, S), paper check-out slips; 3 7/8”x1 ¼”x11 ¾”.  (moved to BOX #5)          YET ANOTHER BROKEN GLASS; wed06:29:27pm15sep2011; glass, ink, paper bag, rubber band; size varies (post-it note is 3”x3”).  (moved to BOX #5)          BEELER, DICK 941-945-0890, ANOTHER GOOD MAN WHO COMMITTED SUICIDE; wed9:19:01am03aug2011; string, ink, 403 used Rolodex cards; 2 5/8”x4”x4”.  (moved to BOX #5)          ANOTHER GLASS BROKE; sun10:05:13am05jun2011; glass ink, paper, a red rubber band, plastic packaging from a box of generic shredded wheat cereal; size varies (the post-it note is 3”x3”).  (moved to BOX #5)          DUDE DOING SOMETHING TO SOMETHING WHILE DEFENDING HIS SCAREFACE; mon4:37:21pm26jul2011; 2 rubber bands, tape (clear, masking, duct), 1 manila file folder, ink (marker, ball pt, rolling ball), graphite; size varies depending on something.  (moved to BOX #4)          ALL WASTE GENERATED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE ART SHOW MR UNIVERSE, THE MAN IN THE MOON, AND THE TRANSPORTER AT ALTERNATIVE ART SPACE B-763; tue3:37:25pm12jul2011; masking tape, ink, paper, paint, graphite (with rubber band) (inside clear plastic packaging from 2 9V batteries); 1 ¼”x1 ¾”x1 1/8” (closed).  (moved to BOX #3)          MR PALMER SQUEEZEY; wed11:33:47am27jul2011; tie wire trimmings, masking tape, a red twist tie, cardboard pieces w/paint, paper, ink, clear tape, fragment of watchband; 3 1/8”x1” (diameter).  (moved to BOX #3)          2 HOLES, BLACK & LIMP AND 1 BURNT HOLE; thu04:03:39pm25aug2011; 2 black felt limp discs from bottom of a Mini Cooper floor mat which came loose when I finally got around to washing car, ink, paper, burn residue; each disc is 3 ½”x diameter and the burnt hole is approx ½” diameter; in used plastic packaging.  (moved to BOX #3)          ART DECO SUPERMARKET; wed1:08:35pm28sep2011; paper, plastic, ink, masking tape; the sheet of paper is 8 ½”x11” and the 20-year-old plastic bag is approx 11 ½” (along bag bottom, non-handle side)x25” (along longest diagonal). (moved to BOX #5)          NENE-NEITHER—-NONE; wed01:59:02pm28sep2011; paper, tape (clear, blue, masking, 100mph), ink; approx 17”x34” (when flat).  (moved to BOX #5)          THE NEGOTIATOR; wed10:23:27am28sep2011; partial used business envelop (w/plastic window), white tape, graphite, 4 twisted wire fragments, 1 broken black grease pencil point fragment, rubber fragment from heel of Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe, re-entry bracelet for pinball expo (good for only 1 day), 7 plastic containers of desiccant used in bottles of Singulair, used packaging from a new Timex Expedition indiglo WR 50m wristwatch (containing 1 yr warranty), results from personality test, ink, paper, clear tape, black tape, Sharpie permanent marker ink, string, a mylar balloon found inflated in the wilderness, an electric green sock w/gray heel & toe and 2 fragments of an American flag themed elastic band also found in the wilderness; size varies.  (moved to BOX #43 then to BOX #33)          BROKEN GRE ___________ sat8:41:37pm ___________ glass, ink, ___________ plastic packg ___________ box of gener ___________ wheat cerea ___________ varies (they ___________  (moved to BOX #5)          08JUN2009 – 03AUG2010 (421 DAYS)  (see BOX #56)  (moved to BOX #14)




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