BOX #7

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isjw 7a

PADDLEHEAD (2 PARTS); Thu 4:38:37pm 26MAY2011; 2-d is paper, tape, ink and is 16×21 inches & the 3-d is string, tape, wood, metal and is 12 1/4 x 5 x 2 inches.          4 KEPT FRAGMENTS AND A MEMO; sun11:55:05am 03apr2011; rubber, tape, cardboard, foam rubber, paper, ink, plastic, styrofoam, ceramic; 4 fragments of artworks (that were traded for 3 artworks) and a custom-made box; approx 5×6.25×2.75 inches (closed)…the 4 fragments are from 2 OF 3 FOAM PIECES FROM A GIFT PACK OF PEARS (in BOX #1), BROKEN YELLOW PLATE WITH FRAGMENT MISSING (in BOX #14), I ORDERED A BEAN & CHEESE BURRITO…WITH PLATE TAPE INK FORK FRAGMENTS MISSING (in BOX#19), J.CREW CATALOG WITH PAGE 15/16 MISSING (in BOX #55).          RECEIPT, ESTATE SALE PURCHASE – HAMMER & PLIERS  (see BOX #61)          ROBERT’S BUSINESS CARD & ON-THE-SPOT RESTAURANT POEM SUN13NOV2011  (see BOX #61)          ANY TITLE USING THE LETTERS H,I,P,S,T,U WITH NEARLY 150 ARROWS  (see BOX #56)          RE:ICAN’TSELLMYARTWORK  (see BOX #56)          3 DIRTY HANDKERCHIE(F)S  (see BOX #55)          2 HAND TOWELS  (see BOX #55)          A WORN OUT GRAY T-SHIRT  (see BOX #55)          5 PLASTIC HANGERS  (see BOX #55)          UNDISCLOSED CHUNK; spring2003; disregarding sisal, string, upholstery thread, plastic trash bag, cardboard box, clear tape, ink – the remaining materials and source of those materials will remain undisclosed; 9.5x12x8 inches.

isjw 7b

more images: here.



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