BOX #12

innocents dead

isjw 12a

SMARMY; 2003; what remains of 3 years 1 month of active military service and 5 years inactive military service (minus a Russian bayonet, a Saudi Arabian Pepsi, various photographs, and a file folder of various records)…a pair of worn size 10N jungle boots, e-tool, a 1/2 dozen used faded stained bleached holy no-longer-brown undershirts (the red on the shirt is not blood, it is just a paint stain), 2 ropes, 1 carabeener, 550 cord, marker ink, CVCC bag – contents: outside pocket “Dodson” side – blue rubberband, 3 OD bungee cords, 1 OD drive-on rag, 2 jungle camo bandanas, 2 desert handkerchiefs, plastic bag – safety pin with unit patch (197th INF BDE) and 2 E-4 sew-on rank, ODgreen wallet, DIY-engraved  “hooah coin”, 1 set of I.D. (dog) tags, 1 unit patch, wings, name tag, equipment receipt DA FORM 3749 for a mask (chem, bio, M171A1), an empty plastic bag whose contents were loaned to another soldier and never returned with label that reads: 8455-00-257-3870 DECORATION FOURRAGERE UNIT; DECORATION, FOURRAGERE; FRANCE; WWII 4 CITATION AWARD; GREEN AND YELLOW RAYON CORD; POLISHED BRASS FERRULE AND RING 1 EA. DLA 100-89-C-4039 01, blue infantry cord, paperboard with what was worn on dress uniform (name tag, unit crest 2 ea., U. S. & infantry lapel pins, CIB, parachutist badge/wings, rifle badge, ASR, AAM?, pin w/2 oak leaf clusters? blue post-it note that reads: missing = GDCMDL, UNIT AFFILIATION, FINAL AWARD, NATIONAL DEFENSE, SW ASIA (SSG Culp borrowed and never returned red and green cord (French Fourragere))…outside pocket – tape residue side – 1 shoelace, 2 rope, pace count cord, elastic helmet band, shoe shine kit (with brush LARGE, plastic bag with toothbrush, 2 SMALL polish applicator brushes, 2 polish cans), broken zip-lock plastic bag (with brass belt buckle, E-4 “dress” rank M (1 of 4 clips), small spool blue thread, 2 clips to clip to LBE belt, 9 name tags (4 used), 2 used U.S. Army tags, 1 “dress” name tag pinned to paper scrap, 3 U.S. flag patches, 14 197th INF BDE unit patches (4 dress, 10 camo), 3 24th INF DIV patches (1 dress, 2 camo), 2 used CIB patches, sew-on wings…inside CVCC – 2 poncho liners (1 OD solid, 1 OD woodland camo), camo parachute bag, Saudi head cloth, duffle bag, desert camo drive-on rag, plastic bag with Airforce pilot knife and sheath, paperboard box containing: 654 0-00-935-6573 insert, optical, chemical biological mask universal 1 each DLA 120-87-C-4921 A 11/87, and a pack of photographs; 9.5x16x20 inches (layout installation size varies).          UH…I’D LIKE TO BUY A VOWEL…”E”?; tue07:59:33pm25aug2015; paper, ink; 3×3 inches.

isjw 12b

1nbcoops that’s bigdog tags

more images: here.

the blue cord is bullshit


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