BOX #19

the coin collection…

isjw 19a

A WHITE AMERICAN BOY INADVERTENTLY MAPS THE WORLD; Spring 2004; 4″x 9″x 11″ (closed), 2 choices when open: 9″ tall by an equilateral triangle with all sides 1 yard in length, or an equilateral triangle with all sides 1 meter in length; childhood to present (inactive) coin collection and the packaging that came with it, cardboard box, masking tape, marker ink; coin origins and number from each respective country: Australia – 2, Canada – 10, Chile – 1, Cuba – 1, Eastern Caribbean – 17, Haiti – 1, Hong Kong – 1, Mexico – 6, Panama – 1, Saudi Arabia – 1, Uruguay – 1, USA – 341, Venezuela – 1.          I ORDERED A BEAN & CHEESE BURRITO…; THU 19 AUG 2004 noon; 1″x 12 1/2″x 10″; black styrofoam plate, plastic fork (2 tines broken), ink, very sticky masking tape, clear tape.  (removed in early 2011 and sent to Ljubljana, Slovenia, except for 2 small fragments put in Box#56)          MY B&W TV; Summer 2006; approximately 3″x 12″x 10″; upholstery thread, string, sisal…which surrounded a used portable black & white television (Panasonic, Serial No. FS2368608, chassis family 12G01, TQF83825, Product complies with D.H.H.S. rules 21 CFR Subchapter J applicable at date of manufacture. Matsushita Electric Ind. Co., Ltd. 1006 Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. Manufactured June 1982 Label No. TQF80793). I owned the TV, then got cable for internet access, bought a $4 adapter to connect b&w TV to cable, got re-addicted to watching TV (a conclusion, my addiction, drawn upon realizing I was watching multiple repeats of a show that was a competition in search of the next bartendress for the Coyote Ugly Bar) then tied up my B&W TV, then tired of watching programs through a screen of sisal, string, and upholstery thread, then, thankfully allowed myself to donate the B&W TV to a local Goodwill store…so cut it loose and did so…index card, ink.  (moved to BOX #16)          I SWEARING  (see BOX #40)           TOTAL STUDIO MATERIAL THAT COULD HAVE BEEN REFUSE, GENERATED FROM 30 SEP 2002 TO 05 MAY 2004, ALL SWEPT FROM FLOOR, WITH 1 PIECE OF LINT GENEROUSLY DONATED BY A FAMOUS ARTIST WHOSE INITIALS ARE A.S., MINUS 1 VACUUMING ON FRI 28 MAY 2004 (WHICH WAS MOSTLY DUST), WHICH WAS ORIGINALLY PRESENTED LOOSE IN A WHITE PLASTIC BIN WITH AN INDEX INFO CARD BUT WAS DUMPED ON TO A SCRAP OF HEAVYWEIGHT PLASTIC SHEETING AND SEALED WITH DUCT TAPE ON JUN 2004 AS SUGGESTED IN INK BY A YELLOW POST-IT NOTE FRAGMENT; JUN 2004; 6″x 12″x 9″.          ANOTHER PACK; JAN 2005; 15 1/2″x 12″x 9″; (approximate size in closed state); my refuse from: 16 APR 2004 to DEC 2004 (8 1/2 months); easily portable with Madcaps hat liner, used rubber gloves, 2 burnt out light bulbs, an extra handle (broken), and a used poop scoop, an index card, post-it, masking tape, ink.

isjw 19b

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(i needed the money)


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