BOX #35

  S ∀ N ∀ N ∀  B

isjw box35AND SO BRIDGES CAN JUSTBURN; fri09:55:13pm02jan2015; string, upholstery thread, electrical tape, masking tape, used plastic Ziploc bag, 2 worn out leather gloves, a complete worn out porchlight, 3 worn out hand clamps; 4x6x7.5 inches.          NB NB NB NEW BALANCE NEW BALANCE NB MT110AK USA SIZE 12 D MEDIUM 11.5 UK 46.5 EUR 8 86350 58692 6 MINIMAL NB M T110 12.0 84.99 NEW BALANCE INSP 5; fri 05:04:50pm20feb2015; a worn out pair of poorly designed shoes, partial shoe box, tissue paper, receipt, string, rubberbands, masking tape, clear tape, white tape, plastic; 5.25×5.25×8 inches.          HAIRBAND, GRAY, PARKING LOT, RALPH’S GROCERY STORE, NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA, USA: some time the week before 18aug2015; textile fibers, elastic; 2.25×1.5x.125 inches.          2G&1B IN A RIVER (SOLUTION IS ON PAGE 6D); tue02:01:45pm18aug2015; newsprint, ink; 9.75×8.75 inches (as shown, folded), 22.5×11 inches (completely unfolded).          FEELS GOOD IN THE HAND…LIKE A GRAPEFRUIT…BUT IT LEAKS (14 OZ BOTTLE, VERSION #1); sat10:53:07pm04apr2015; plastic, clear tape, ink; 4.5×4.5 diameter inches.          HAIRBAND, GRAY, TARGET PARKING LOT, 5 LANES SOUTH OF FRONT ENTRANCE, 3 SPACES DEEP, IN THE LANE, TUCSON SPECTRUM SHOPPING CENTER, 1225 WEST IRVINGTON ROAD, TUCSON, ARIZONA, 85714, USA; wed11:01:03am26aug2015; textile fibers, elastic; 2-inch diameter, .125-inch thick.          2 GRAY HAIRBANDS FOUND 8 DAYS AND 534 MILES APART; wed01:14:57pm26aug2015; plastic, metal, paper, ink, clear tape, textile fiber, elastic; 6.75×6.5x.25 inches.          BOXERSKIRT (WORN OUT BOXERS CONVERTED INTO WRAP-AROUND SKIRT); mon01:05:13pm07sep2015; cotton/polyester blend cloth, elastic, black tape and a metal nail (for hanging on wall); approx 2×4 feet (as shown), fits approx 31-32 inch waist.          5 COOKIES FOR THE FUTURE; wed10:12:15pm09sep2015; cotton string, upholstery thread (Mastex Corp. style 8615 nylon BZT-18 56G nominal taupe 763), masking tape, plastic packagings from boxes of shredded wheat cereal, 5 cookies (generic Oreos); 9×3.5 diameter inches.          FEELS GOOD IN THE HAND…LIKE A GRAPEFRUIT…BUT IT LEAKS (24 OZ BOTTLE, VERSION #2); sat01:25:18pm12sep2015; plastic, clear tape, ink; 6×4.5 diameter inches.          R&B (RAMEN & BANANAS) BOX, UPSIDE DOWN USED BANDAGE XBOX VERSION; tue09:41:30am15sep2015; cardboard, paint, ink, duct tape, masking tape, clear tape, black tape, a sticker, whipping twine, a used bandage; approx 4.5x9x11 inches.          SIGN HERE; fri05:43:28pm18sep2015; newsprint, graphite, Kilz paint, masking tape; 30×32.25 inches.          S ORIGINAL (ANTISTRES_) MAN BOX; thu10:41:28pm08oct2015; whipping twine, clear tape, masking tape, plastic cap & coated paper fragment from an almond milk container, ink, portion of a paperboard shoebox, portion of a paperboard shredded wheat cereal box, 100s of card stock paper 1.75×3 inch cards; approx 4x5x7 inches.          35 PENS & NO NUT PICKS; mon11:49:08pm16jul2012; string, masking tape, 35 used (empty) pens; 7×2.5 diameter inches.          35 PENS & 5 NUT PICKS; sun09:47:0215jul2012; string, masking tape, 35 used (empty) pens, 5 nut picks; 7×2.5 diameter inches.          THIS PAPER: tue05:55:23pm17nov2015; paper, ink, masking tape and white tape and clear tape that was taped to the green trash can; 11×8.5 inches.          OR AN OK SO SO BOX; wed05:43:12pm05aug2015; ink, tape, some kind of weird plasticky paper and a whole bunch of other stuff; 11×14.5×3 inches (closed). Box (outside)…plastic, ink, spray graphite, Q-tips, clear tape, masking tape, a sticker, plasticky paperboard, circle from plastic cup, white tape, blue tape, fastfood paper placemat. Box (inside)…black foam, black plastic tray insert…1. inverted card stock paper box…foam rubber, desiccant, a found rubber washer, a found round black plastic lid-like thing, unused portion of a friction block stick, 2 found bullet shells, 2 found thorns, a partially-used packet of salt, a found plastic bug, a broken fatigued metal fragment from a hand clamp. 2. 3 found empty silver metal whip-it canisters. 3. 2 red & 1 found empty whip-it canisters. 4. 3 red found metal empty whip-it canisters. 5. 3 found empty silver metal whip-it canisters. 6. same as no.5. 7. found 80-page memo booklet…with 80 pages containing 1 emblem per page made of found remnant fragments covered with clear tape outlined with black ink. 8&9. 3 found used orange carpenter pencils. 10. a found plastic cup with bottom cut out with custom used cinnamon container lid end filled with a decade’s worth of used dental floss sealed with masking tape. 11. belt loops not needed from a pair of painter pants taped together end-to-end rolled and rubberbanded. 12. a broken hand clamp. 13. 2 heel portions from 2 foam insoles taped together. and…a dried ball of concrete patch…and a plastic bow tie fashioned from 2 used candy wrappers…and 2 used shoelaces taped together end-to-end…and 14. ink and (on) this paper. and approx 55 more found metal used whip-it canisters (under plastic insert), and a broken leather rawhide shoelace reconnected with used duct tape.

images:  here.



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