BOX #49


isjw 49a

MR PALMER’S S KIT; tue06:12:57pm03mar2015; box – cardboard, masking tape, foam rubber, clear tape, ink…for right hand – a full can of Diet Pepsi, a used toothbrush, a used empty blue ball-point pen, a found metal rod, a small Tootsie Roll, a found Bic lighter, a plastic used empty upholstery thread spool, a found used elastic hairband, a broken rubberband with an embedded macro camera lens, a spout from a used empty shampoo bottle and residue, duct tape, used blue tape, white tape, black tape, clear tape, half of a broken ball-point pen, a broken fragment of metal spring from a hand clamp fatigued through use, used produce stickers, string…for the left hand – a broken hand clamp, a pair of used rubber gloves, a used plastic CPR/first aid dummy air bladder, 2 found used ammo shells, 2 friction block fragments, masking tape, a rubber band…with approx 100 feet of string, 2 rubber bands, and a sheet of holy plastic; size varies (when in box 5.25×3.25×14.5 inches (and 8.5 inch shed of paper with ink, masking tape, clear tape).         (FFF), EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION, 1984-1996; wed10:39:03pm23nov2011; 3 portfolios with transparencies, tearsheets, magazines, sisal, string; 13×15.5×9 inches.          10 OF 12 SECRET MISSIONS TO GO; tue10:19:47pm22nov2011; plastic, black – Ace – drum liners – flap tie – ferros para tambores con cierre – 10 (of 12) bags 55 gallon – fits up to 55 gal. (208.2l) can – 2ft.11 3/4in.x4ft.5 7/8in. – 1.1mil – 90.8cm.x138.8cm. – caution:  plastic bags can cause suffocation.  Do not leave these bags in areas accessible to small children.  Not recommended for food storage. – Cuidado: las bolsas plasticas pueden sofocar.  No dejar estas bolsas en lugares accesibles a ninos pequenos.  No se recomiendo pare guardar alimentos. – Manufactured in USA for Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 EE.UU (copyright) 2010 082901252474; having not purchased a plastic bag in more than 20 yrs today I did in order to accomplish 2 secret missions – I estimate the remaining 10 should be sufficient for the remainder of my time (bags available upon request); each bag is approx 3×4.5ft, total roll size is approx 10″x3″diameter. (moved to BOX #10)          A FEW LITTLE THINGS; fri11:07:02am02dec2011; plastic, ink, paper, wood, metal, dessicant – clear plastic packaging from package of 3 pairs of reading glasses, plastic cylinder filled with dessicant from a bottle of Singulair pills, wood block fragment from a deconstructed painting stretcher bar, broken arm from a pair of reading glasses, green plastic generic Flonase nasal spray lock, broken red rubber band used daily to keep opened bag(s) of shredded wheat closed, all trash from a meal at Taco Bell, all trash from a meal at Carl’s Jr, a small security envelop; all items fit in the 6 1/2″x3 5/8″ envelop – otherwise size varies per installation.  (moved to BOX #2)          ROBERT’S BUSINESS CARD & ON-THE-SPOT RESTAURANT POEM SUN13NOV2011 WITH PAPER CLIP; thu01:19:17nov2011; blank paper guest check from Theresa & Johnny’s Comfort Food with poet’s ink marks on back and John Menijivar’s “Art’s Auto Repair” business card which Robert uses as his business card, metal; 2″x3 1/2″ & 6 1/4″x3 3/8″.  (moved to BOX #7)          O, CHRIST…IT’S TONY’S PERISCOPE ALL TIED UP IN CARPET PADDING; wed09:49:49pm23nov2011; sisal, foam carpet padding, nails, plastic, socks, paint, wood, paper, a metal hook; 13″x5 3/4″x3 1/2″.  (moved to BOX #48)          RECEIPT, ESTATE SALE PURCHASE – HAMMER & PLIERS, $4.75 + TAX; tue12:45:45pm17nov2011; paper, ink; 2 1/4″x4″. (moved to BOX #7)          A LITTLE DARLING DRAWING; tue05:43:21pm18feb2014; a little drawing by Lowell Darling (initialed L.D. and dated 12.8.98) with a post-it note (initially created by Jeff Dodson and signed by Lowell Darling in 2014) on a bigger piece of paper and a business-sized envelope (not shown) – graphite, ink, paper; bigger piece of paper is 8.5×11 inches (approx 4×9.5 inches when in envelope).          PREMIUM RIPCORD W/O EYE PROTECTORS; thu10:17:53am23jan2014; string, rubber, electrical tape, finish nails; 4.5×1.25×1.125 inches (max extension approx 48 in).           HAIRBAND, GRAY, ROCK WREN TRAIL, TUCSON MOUNTAIN PARK, TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA; thu04:17:18pm06mar2014; an elastic band, approx 2-inch diameter.           A CHARCOAL DRAWING FIXED WITH HOUSE PAINT; thu02:27:13pm13mar2014; 2 types of paper, charcoal, masking tape, Glidden Ultra-Hide interior latex flat wall paint (formulated especially for contractors), blue ball-point pen ink; 30×32 inches.          IF YOU EAT 10 PEANUT M&M’S PER DAY FOR A YEAR YOU WILL EAT ABOUT 4,000 OF THEM WHICH IS ABOUT 20 POUNDS OF THEM WHICH IS ABOUT 50,000 CALORIES WHICH IS ABOUT 135 CALORIES PER DAY WHICH IF YOU WEIGH 145 POUNDS WOULD MEAN YOU WOULD HAVE TO RUN ABOUT 1.25 MILES PER DAY EVERY DAY FOR THAT YEAR TO BURN OFF THOSE CALORIES AND IT WOULD COST ABOUT $100; sun11:02:19pm08jun2014; 98 empty plastic candy wrappers, masking tape, string; 3.75x4x2.75 inches.          BROKEN DRINKING GLASS; fri03:39:17pm02jan2015; a broken drinking glass, a used paper bag, used masking tape, used duct tape, used clear tape, string; 3.5×3 inch diameter.          KIT #10, MR PALMER; sun08:53:13pm11jan2015; string, masking tape, clear tape Q-tips, Shoe Goo, shoe edge dressing, duct tape paper, Ajax cleanser top & bottom, spice shaker top, found rusty metal fragments, paint, ink, white tape, prescription bottle top, plastic baggie with found business card and and gravel sample, various safety pins, powdered milk container spouts, found roach clip (?), found bullet shells, copper wire fragments, 1 plastic fork tine, a broken (fatigued) hand clamp metal spring fragment, found random plastic fragments, styrofoam fragment, cardboard, 2 rubber bands; all contents fit in cardboard box, 4.5×10.5×2 inches.          10 FOOT 7 INCH COLLAPSIBLE MEASURING STICK; wed11:25:13pm24jun2015; wood, metal, plastic, clear tape, masking tape, ink, cork, rubberbands, 127×1.25x.25 inches (fully extended), 19×1.25×1.25 inches (collapsed).

isjw 49b       box 49 21jul2016

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