BOX #23

i haven;t had a TACO BELL burrito in years

OH OH BURRITOS; ongoing (right now it is 9:49 a.m. on WED 18 JUN 2008); 10 1/2″x 16″x 20″; a cardboard box, tape?, ink?, paper, plastic, rubberband(s); hundreds of fast food burrito wrappers, empty hot sauce packets, paper placemats; all from various Taco Bell locations; usually I would order 2 (and now more often 1) bean and cheese burritos (sometimes substitute green sauce, and/or add extra cheese and/or lettuce) and a diet soda (I always brought my own drink container, 32 oz., newer workers would usually charge the “large” price while more experienced workers would usually charge the “small” price while managers and asst. mngrs would often charge “small” price and on occasion would charge nothing…I eventually would just order a medium drink and let them charge whatever); I have generated zero trash from these 100’s of fast food meals (ok, well…I have ordered in a manner that uses as little packaging as possible and thrown none, food nor packaging, of what I’ve ordered away…and I’m finally not taking the placemat given with each order); I used 1 or 2 hot sauce packets per burrito, except when I ordered them with green sauce – then I would use 1 or no hot sauce packets; I used no napkins, instead I used my bandana; I used no straws or plastic cups; after eating each burrito I would fold the hot sauce packet and receipt, if there was one, into the burrito wrapper; I would fold paper placemat, too, during meal, and sometimes use it for note-taking; I usually got seconds on drinks; I usually put a splurt of lemonade in my diet soda for a little zip and to keep drink from foaming over as the sodas sometimes have a tendency to foam over from the blast of carbonation during the drink-filling process.

i had a couple DEL TACO burritos last year


One thought on “BOX #23

  1. I’m rather partial to the Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito myself. What can we do, other than voting with our feet, to stop this profligate waste generation?



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