BOX #47

isjw 47a

ALL THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TRASH FROM 1 YEAR’S WORTH OF VISITS TO CARL’S JR GREEN BURRITO (APPROXIMATELY 121 VISITS, JUN 2001 – JUN 2002); 4th of July, 2002; 9″x 12″x 18″; paper, plastic, ink, cardboard box, clear tape…approx 121 placemats, approx 121 bean & cheese wrappers, approx 121 plastic salsa containers, approx 121 plastic wrap cookie wrappers, approx 121 bilingual day/date cookie freshness stickers. Note: I used only 1 extra large plastic Carl’s Jr drinking cup and numerous plastic eating utensils, but they are not included in this piece…they are part of IT’S A SIZE THING & I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE-USE CUP (in Box #13).            ANOTHER BROKEN GLASS, BROKEN WHILE REMOVING FROM MICROWAVE OVEN, HIT THE DOOR FLEW TO THE FLOOR, BEFORE 6PM ON TUE 19FEB2013; tue06:02:27pm19feb2013; glass, dried water, paper, clear tape, masking tape, ink; 3x6x3.5in.           SHOELACES, 2EA, 45″, 5-6 EYELETS; sat09:52:31am21sep2013; shoelaces, 2ea, 56in, 7-8 eyelets and paper, clear tape; approx 5.5×1(diameter)in.           H34A; sun08:41:58pm22sep2013; wood, metal, plastic, tape; 2×2.25x16in.          FAT CAL & DADDY RAY’S TASTES LIKE CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN MEDIUM MARTIAN LOAF W/CHOCOLATE, MILK; mon09:50:10am25nov2013; mostly plastic, w/sisal, string, upholstery thread, tape; 15×5 1/2×3 1/2in.          WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS *ALI* YOUR OPINION COUNTS! RATE ME A ‘10’ VISIT US ONLINE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN $5000; sun01:01:53am15sep2013; string, store receipts (paper, ink), a metal staple; 3 1/4×3 5/8×2 3/8in.

isjw 47b    

shoelace, red, 56in

more images: here.



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