BOX #52

isjw 52a

A NICE LITTLE PAD  (see BOX #58)          1 DEAD CASSETTE PLAYER (see BOX #55)           2 GLASSES (BROKEN)  (see BOX #55) (moved to BOX #24)          ALL RECORDS GENERATED FROM THE BUYING & SELLING OF A TOWNHOUSE IN 2005  (see BOX #59)           5 PHONE LOGS, 2 COMPUTER-INK-STAINED COTTEN SWABS, AND A BUSINESS ENVELOPE  (see BOX #59)          SMALL PART OF 3 PARTS OF 25/13  (see BOX #21)          REWINDING THE TAPE  (see BOX #21)          WRITERING; the02:59:01pm08jul2010; paper, graphite, tape, whipping twine, wire, binder clips (my rather failed writings so far); 8.5x11x19 inches.

isjw 52b

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