BOX #28


isjw 28a

2 OF 6 ALL COMBINED & MIXED THEN DIVIDED INTO 27 EQUAL PARTS THEN 1/2 OF EACH POURED INTO EACH OF THE CURRENT TOTAL 54 BOXES; wed06:27:02pm11jul2012; plastic, paper, ink, traces of tempera paint; 7 1/8″x2 3/4″ diameter.          AT SOME POINT POUND THIS WITH A HAMMER BUT NOT NOW; wed98:37:42am11jul2012; string, oil paint &oil paint tubes, brown paper, masking tape; 11 1/2″x2 1/2″x3 1/2″.          THE LAST 3 NIGHTS AT THE ROUND TABLE; Winter 2006; a triptych 16 1/4″x 47 1/2″x 18″ (hang with 3/4″ masking tape, use 3/4″ masking tape strips as spacers b/w..on wall…or better…behind glass on acid-free archival surface within a nice light natural wood frame and thick bevel-cut acid-free mat…or the like); grease-marked bottoms of final 3 Round Table Pizza boxes purchased (tops of pizza boxes and other non-greasy areas were recycled), dried cheese, masking tape, ink.          NO HUEVOS, DIPPED IN BRUT BY FABERGE; early JAN 2007; 3 1/2″x 5 1/2″x 4 1/2″; plastic, upholstery thread (Mastex Corp. Style E8685 nylon BZT-18 56G nominal, scarlet 757), marker ink, masking tape, post-its, more ink (inside contents undisclosed); 178 marker spots.          A NOT-SO-FALSE START; 18 JAN 2007; 8″x 13 3/4″x 7 1/2″; misc. false starts, string, sisal, masking tape, plastic sheeting from inside a banana box, chain, found nipple, cloth strap, found breakfast cereal prize, found used bungee cord, used air filter (car), and more (mostly plastic), small post-it, ink.          UNDER BATHROOM SINK, 1 YR, 125 BUTTERFIELD RD; OCT 2005 – OCT 2006; 7 1/2″x 9″x 6 1/2″ (folded), 29 1/4″ x 16″ (unfolded); 2 sheets of movers packing newsprint, ink, shoe marks; the year we lived at 125 Butterfield Rd. it rained 71+ inches…we used these papers inside our back door to wipe our feet.          24 BIG 24 LITTLE; JUN 2003; 1 7/8″x 5″x 4″ (closed), 11″x 8 1/2″x 4″ (open); sign paint (a hand-painted window sign) removed from store window and all disposable material used to remove it, post-it, marker ink, masking tape, whipping twine, invoice, copy of invoice, more ink.          SET-UP; WED 19 APR 2006; 2 3/4″x 4 1/4″x 1 3/8″; documentation of an approximately 2-hour talk…goes with drawing in box frame in garage storage closet; 2 cassettes in 2 plastic cases, plastic, ink, tape (black, masking, audio), folded 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper with image of the talk.          SIT, DOWN, ROLLOVER, STAY…THAT’S A GOOD BOY MR PALMER THAT’S A GOOD BOY; mon02:07:14pm19may2014; rubberbands, a metal binder clip, ink, a plastic reading glasses hanger, used name tag, used/expired Cigna health insurance card, used post-it notes and other markings on papers, a 2-pronged plastic packaging fragment, and misc other; 3.25×3.25×6 inches.

isjw 28b

more images: here.

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