BOX #20


isjw 20a

STICKS AND STRAWS; TUE 6:01 p.m. 22 JUN 2004; 12″x 5 1/2″ diameter; sticks, straws, rubberbands, translucent paper, clear & masking tape; form collapses when rubberbands wear out – 11 of 12 rubberbands wore out before being wrapped in paper.          BLUE VEINER; MON 1:09 p.m. 21 JUN 2004; 9 3/4″x 4″x 7 1/2″; a blue wire, 2 deodorant balls, disposable razor, toothbrush, pencil, 2 toy Indian feet, cigarette butts, masking tape, string, thread, whipping twine, translucent paper, clear tape, tie wire, and more.  (moved to BOX #55)          CHOCOLATE BAR; 2003; 5 1/2″x 1 1/2″x 1 3/8″; 1 month’s worth of eating candy bars…29 Nestle’s Crunch Bar wrappers (folded, stacked, taped) sits atop a piece of wood. Foil parts of wrapper recycled. Paper, masking tape (salvaged), wood (F.E.O. paulope Reg. No 1503030). In white bag. And ink.  (moved to BOX #56)          5 OF 6 ALL COMBINED & MIXED THEN DIVIDED INTO 27 EQUAL PARTS THEN 1/2 OF EACH POURED INTO EACH TO THE CURRENT 54 BOXES; wed06:32:33pm11jul2012; plastic, paper, ink, traces of tempera paint; 7″x2 3/4″ diameter.          EN PLEADINGS; Spring 2004; 2″x 4 1/4″x 1/2″ (closed) & 15″x 8 3/4″x 1/64″ (open); reconfigured “sale pending” sign; metal, paint (red letters on white), post-it, ink, masking tape, plastic.          DOUBLEMINT; Summer 2004; 2 3/4x 4″x 3/4″; masking tape duct tape, plastic, rubberband, black tape, Wrigley’s Doublemint gum wrapper (paper, foil), ink, post-it.          STAND-INS FOR “WIENER, GLAZED DONUT, SLICE OF BALONEY”; Summer 2004; wood dowel with paint marks is 5 13/16″x 1/2″ diameter, black plastic mailing tube cap is 1″x 3 1/2″ diameter, silver metal yogurt container seal is paper thin x 3 3/4″ diameter; wood, plastic, paint, foil, plastic sheeting scrap, masking tape, duct tape, post-it, ink. The stand-ins stand-in for an Oscar Meyer Wiener, a Winchell’s glazed donut, and an Oscar Meyer slice of baloney that I left in my freezer in Sacramento in 2 Tupperware containers in a paper lunch bag with masking tape and ink on it from Fall 2002 till Summer/Fall 2004 when we moved (they might still be there). Originally the originals were presented with the slice of baloney on concrete floor against wall with the donut stacked on top with the wiener beside them (touching) next to (a foot away) another artwork entitled BEHIND AHEAD (which is in the private collection of a famous artist).          ATTEMPTING TO INVERT MYSELF BY LOOKING UP MY OWN ANUS FOR AS LONG AS I CAN HOLD MY BREATH; TUE 12:53 p.m. 22 JUN 2004; 9 3/4″x 9 3/4″x 9 3/4″ (closed), size varies when open; 1 clothes hanger that traces my pelvic girdle, 1 Faber Castell Velvet 3557 2 pencil, 27 bluebooks graded by me, 1 military cloth utility strap, paperboard, index cards, ink, 2 rubberbands, 1 cassette containing 4 1/2 minutes hyperventilation and 20 minutes of not breathing, clear tape, masking tape, translucent paper, ink.          SPLASH OUT…INCOMING; WED 3:23 p.m. 23 JUN 2004; 16″x 12 1/2″x 8″; sisal, string, upholstery thread, plastic spools, various lids, aluminum pan, disposable plates, sparkplug wrench/screwdriver, styrofoam, rubber, paper bag, clear & masking tape, ink.          HAPPY TRAILS; What remains of an 8-hour non-performance…Who: me and the public. Where: a dirt lot in Davis, CA. When: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. TUE 13 MAY 2003. Why: another public meditation on the subject of War. What: 5 hours of video, 8 hours of audio tape, 36 exposures of slide film (undeveloped), booklet of plans, 11 plastic bags (compacted into 1 form) that each held an ice block, Sucrets tin, dominoes, toy car, fork, lock, watch, mouthpiece, wood block, string, thread, wire, paint and tile samples, keys, bells, 2 carabiners, toy soldier, 3 paper bags, ink, masking tape. Main part, which was dragged throughout performance, was constructed Fall/Winter 2002.

isjw 20b

more images (to come): here.

Oscar Meyer & Winchell’s & Oscar Meyer


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