BOX #24

oh candy
isjw 24a

OH CANDY; ongoing, since 2002 (it is now 1:27 p.m. MON 16 JUN 2008); 8″x 13″x 13″; plastic, cardboard box, clear tape, ink; all non-recyclabe candy/junkfood wrappers from all packaged candy/junkfood I have eaten since Summer 2002.  (moved to BOX #39)          COASTER; Summer 2005; 1 5/16″x approximately 3 1/4″ diameter + tie wire legs/feet; an elevated coaster made of metal (tie-wire & banding material from a large wooden crate left behind in townhouse by previous owners).  (moved to BOX #42)          $4,000 EACH; ongoing; 5 3/4″x 4 3/4″x 1/2″; paint, wood, ink, glass, tape, paper, metal.  (moved to BOX #51)          INSPECTED BY F6; 2005; 5 3/4″x 3 1/2″x 3/8″; black thread through plastic bag with assorted items.  (moved to BOX #51)          SMALL PART FROM CREAM CHEESE ICING  (see BOX #43)          SHOPAK BY JEFF DODSON; sealed MON 8:21 p.m. 20 DEC 2004; plastic, ink, paper, metal, tape, battery; 4 PENS (each burst while in flight inside commercial aircrafts, A BENT NAIL (pulled from asphalt…point was up), WALLET CLEAN-OUT (5:13 p.m. WED 17 NOV 2004), INSIDE BOTTOM OF A SAKS FIFTH AVENUE BAG, SMITH’S GROCERS DISCOUNT CARDS (1 LG, 1 SM), PACKAGE FROM A BAR OF BAKER’S CHOCOLATE EATEN BY ME, AN ENVELOPE, A DEAD BATTERY, A DRAWING ON A NEWSPAPER PAGE, 220 ADDED (SOMETIME NOV 2004 “Do you have a trash can”, asked the electrician upon having added/pulled 220 thru the breaker box to the washer/dryer locale, he was/is a chemist named…), FIXED PHONE LINES (MON 4:22 p.m. 29 NOV 2004)…again, “Do you have a trash can?”, A PLASTIC BAG.  (moved to BOX #54)          BIKE BRAKE PIECE; 2000; 3 3/4″x 10 3/4″x 2 1/4″; bike brake parts, wire, tar-covered head of a paintbrush.  (moved to BOX #54)          A PARTICULAR 2-PIECE FIGURE; 2005; 2 pieces…1 7/8″x 1 3/4″ diameter & 4 3/8″x 1 11/16″ diameter; the 1st is used masking tape around used duct tape & the 2nd is used clear tape around used masking tape around fragments of a used plastic-capped cylindrical paperboard storage tube.  (moved to BOX #54)          USED AUTO PARTS; 05 JAN 2007; 5″x 15 1/2″x 5″; ink, post-it, sisal, string, plastic sheeting, used auto parts, metal, rubber.          USED AUTO PARTS; early 2002; 2″x 4 1/4″x 3 1/2″; upholstery thread, plastic, paperboard packaging, used auto parts.  (moved to BOX #39)          RETRIM & JAMB ADJUSTMENT  (see BOX #63)          FILARIAL ZOOM #2 (TOP PIECE OF 2 PIECES)  (see BOX #57)          HAIRBALL  (see BOX #33)          2 GLASSES (BROKEN) (ACTUALLY 1 IS A DISH)  (see BOX #55)          FOUND FISHERMAN’S FLOAT  (see BOX #25)          BOPBAGBILL JINGLE LYRICS  (see BOX #33)          EXPANDED PAPER CONTAINER  (see BOX #33)          FREE DONUT  (see BOX #33)          SIT AND/OR READ…THANKS  (see BOX #33)          FAILED SHOE REPAIR  (see BOX #33)          STANDARD FILLING STATION ‘JEFF’ BAG W/SWEATSHIRT FRAGMENTS  (see BOX #33)

isjw 24b

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