BOX #21

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isjw 21

SPOT SPOTS THE SPOT, OR – SPOTTING; DEC 2002; bowl & skinless tennis balls are 5 1/8″x 5 7/8″ diameter, Spot is 7 1/2″x 9 1/2″x 7 1/2″; stainless steel bowl, 5 7 skinless tennis balls I have happened upon, what could have been garbage generated by me and my wife from 23 AUG 2001 to 05 DEC 2001, sisal, upholstery thread, string.          A PACK (16 MAR 2003 TO 15 APR 2004); Spring 2004; 8 1/4″x 15″x 13″; all that could have been refuse generated by me from 16 MAR 2003 to 15 APR 2004 (13 months) and 2 post-its, ink, sisal, string, upholstery thread with a tapestry needle attached, masking tape, duct tape.          MY B&W TV BIG COLOR TV; 5:15 p.m. THU 24 2004; 2 1/4″x 3 7/8″x 15/16″; ink, clear tape, masking tape, translucent paper, U-shaped nail, 2 small post-its, more ink. Originally interior contents were hung on wall…the U-shaped nail on a found wire hanger tab and post-its with masking tape.  (moved to BOX #48)          SMALL PART OF 3 PARTS OF 25/13; 21 JUN 2004; 5″x 3″x 1 1/4″; clear & black & masking tape, ink, paper, cardboard ring, other.  (moved to BOX #52)          SMALL PART FROM CREAM CHEESE ICING; MON 3:37 p.m. 21 JUN 2004; 5″x 2 7/8″ diameter; spray paint cap, porcelain touch-up (light avocado), duct tape, translucent paper, ink, black & clear & masking tape.  (moved to BOX #43)          TABLE LEG FOOT TOE PIECES 3 EA.; 10:57 a.m. WED 23 JUN 2004; 2 1/2″x 2″x 2 3/4″; table leg foot toe pieces (3 ea.), black tape, masking tape, translucent paper, ink.  (moved to BOX #42)          NOTES, POST-IT; TUE 1:07 p.m. 22 JUN 2004; 3 1/2″x 3 1/2″x 1 1/2″; clear tape, masking tape, ink, translucent paper, duct tape, a rubberband, post-it notes from SEP 2002 to JUN 2004.  (moved to BOX #48)          UNTITLED (WOOD, NAILS, RUBBERBANDS); SUN 3:08 p.m. 20 JUN 2004; 2 3/4″x 4 3/4″x 4; wood, nails, rubberbands.  (moved to BOX #43)          BROKEN READING GLASSES  (see BOX #33) (moved to BOX #55)          REWINDING THE TAPE; SUN 4:41 p.m. 20 JUN 2004; tape (masking, duct, white, black, clear) used by me or someone(s) that I was responsible for, ink, paper (translucent).  (moved to BOX #52)          GOODWILL $6.99; SUN 3:33 p.m. 20 JUN 2004; 4 7/8″x 2 7/8″x 3 1/8″; Goodwill tag, florescent green paint chips, rubberbands, paper towels used by me in public restrooms (folded, dried, stacked), ink, masking tape, clear tape, translucent paper.  (moved to BOX #51)          I HARDLY EVEN KNEW HER  (see BOX #58)          10 – 6 = 4; sat09:47:11pm07jul2012; string, 6 empty bottles of colored inks, ink (the color of 10 partial bottles of different colored inks mixed together) (the total ink of all 10 partial bottles was combined & mixed then poured into the empty bottles till it ran out which filled 4 bottles); 5″x3″x3″x3″.          A STAINED TOWEL WITH A HOLE IN IT; sat10:21:11pm07jul2012; a cotton towel, dirt, paint; 15″x17″ (flat).

isjw 21b

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