BOX #41

isjw 41a

MY FIRST, LAST, AND ONLY BLACK BLAZER I NEVER WORE  (see BOX #31) (moved to BOX #14)          PILE SKIT KIT; thu11:09:11pm05jul2012; string, rubber cement in metal container, Bazooka Joe comic, masking tape, dried black shoe polish in metal container, 4 empty black ink containers, electrical tape, VO5 conditioning hairdressing, edge dressing foam & wire applicator, pocket knife, candle, 2 rubber grip covers from pliers, several various nails, 20 small plastic containers with traces of black ink, 2 empty glass colored-ink containers, broken duct-taped chisel handle, steak knife fragment, dinner knife fragment, a broken dart fragment, a drawing compass tip, a used scrub brush, a used wire brush, florescent orange warning tape, 2 used pocket lighters with traces of fuel, wire ring with 21 small utility knife blades, tail end of a roll of electrical tape, brown paper with VO5 soaked into part of it; paper is approx 18″x67″, main 3-d object is 18″x3-4″ diameter remaining 3-d objects total less than space of main 3-d object.          DIED ACT…ICK…A DIPSTICK STACKED DIPTYCH; SEP 2007; 2 parts, stacked, 14 1/2″x 12″x 11″ each; all remaining teaching records from classes I taught and a commitment to allowing future students of mine to input equally with me; string, sisal, paper, plastic, metal, ink, graphite, post-it.

isjw 41b

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