BOX #29

it happened to fit

isjw 29a

TREATED (2 PARTS); summer2005; edges of a salvaged crate that measured 41x24x18.5 inches; treated wood, sisal, cotton string, ink, small post-it note, duct tape, masking tape, plastic, upholstery thread (Mastex Corp., Dallas, TX, 75247, Style 8615, nylon, BZT-18, 56G, nominal, slate 772), index card, ink, foam sheeting wrapped around smaller while packed (may be unbound, flattened and hung on wall or not when presented); smaller part is 3×3.75×6.75 inches; larger part is 7.25×8.75×18.75 inches.          CASSETTES; summer2005; paper, brown wrapping tape, marker ink, wood boxes (2 ea.), paint, cassettes; 9x19x8 inches (2 parts combined).          A PIECE OF STYROFOAM; summer2005; a piece of found styrofoam that happened to fit perfectly; 2.75x14x7.75 inches.

isjw 29b

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