BOX #43

isjw 43a

7 GLUE BOTTLES; fri10:45:13pm06jul2012; string, plastic,paper, glue; 7″x4 1/2″ diameter.          MY LAST CHRISTMAS TREE – I SWEAR #3  (see BOX #58)          THE NEGOTIATOR (see BOX #57) (moved to BOX #33)          SMALL PART FROM CREAM CHEESE ICING  (see BOX #21) (moved to BOX #24)          UNTITLED (WOOD, NAILS, RUBBERBANDS)  (see BOX #21) (moved to BOX#33)          #154…THE LETTER (the actual piece was sent to Roswell, New Mexico, USA)  (see BOX #59)          BOTTOM PIECE, FILARIAL ZOOM (OF 2 PIECES)  (see BOX #57)          EL BESITO DEL MONTE; AUG 2007; 11″x 18 1/2″x 8 1/2″ (with 8 1/2″x 11″ flat label piece + slide); a group artwork reconfigured by me; string, sisal, wire, nozzle (split), sticker, clear tape, duct tape, masking tape, plastic, wood scraps, bicycle inner tubes, misc., slide showing hanging inner tube group artwork (prior state), ink, white-out, bond paper, 2 yellow post-its, 2 labels.

isjw 43b

more images: here.



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