BOX #3


isjw 3a

TOMTOMTOMTOMJOE AIR-FRESHENER; tue-5:17:32pm25oct 2011; string, masking tape, a small binder clip, 2 empty dental floss container, 5 near-empty toothpaste tubes (412 days worth for a married couple), a little toothpaste; main body is approx 8x5x2.25 inches; uncoil string and hang at nose level then remove 1 or more caps ((place removed cap(s) directly (plumb) below)) then perhaps spin and/or swing (gently).        4 LAWYERS WALK INTO A BAR…; mon4:37:57pm10oct2011; a folded 11×17 inch color photocopy of a lawyer’s invoice, an envelop, and a personal check, paper, ink, clear tape, masking tape, plastic, a solid silver paper clip, a solid gold paper clip, string; the larger packet is approx 3.5x5x.75 inches, the smaller packet is approx 2.25×2.75x.25 inches, the string is approx 66 inches; hang somehow.         LEFTOVER FRAGMENTS FROM ODDS 25/13 TIME 4/4; a couple of weeks before tue11:55:43am4oct2011; from a larger piece that was cut in two to be able to fit into banana box(es) – wood, ink, cardboard, canvas, metal, carpet tile, paint – with manila envelope container and a paper clip; the manila envelope is 6×9 inches – otherwise size varies.          MR PALMER SQUEEZEY; wed11:33:47am27jul2011; tie wire trimmings, masking tape, a red twist tie, cardboard pieces w/paint, paper, ink, clear tape, fragment of watchband; 3.125×1(diameter) inches.          ALL WASTE GENERATED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THE ART SHOW MR UNIVERSE, THE MAN IN THE MOON, AND THE TRANSPORTER AT ALTERNATIVE ART SPACE B-763; tue3:37:25pm12jul2011; masking tape, ink, paper, paint, graphite (with rubber band) (inside clear plastic packaging from 2 9V batteries); 1.25×1.25×1.125 inches (closed).          WHAT GOT ME IN; 4:27 p.m. THU 24 JUN 2004 is the last date this entire piece was presented complete…it was 63x54x25 inches; all artworks, paperwork, and support materials (minus 3 reference letters – mysteriously disappeared from my file in school’s office) used to produce entrance packet for MFA Program, Art Studio, UC Davis, Fall 2002. “Support” materials includes but is not limited to: slides, carousel with box with slide list, bad slides with 2 plastic cases, application file, Polaroid test shots, ink, clear tape, masking tape. *4 pieces are not included in this box (#3) as they are each too big – they are: SNAG, PICK, PEAK, and FILARIAL ZOOM. The 10 pieces that are included in this box (#3) are: STYPTIC PUSH; 2001; 4.5x4x1.25 inches; styptic pencil segment, wire, stick segments, string, masking tape, medical tape, joint compound. A NARROW BRUSH; 2001; 14.75×5.5×1.125 inches; plastic toothbrush, wire brush, hook, wire, masking tape, black tape, skewers, chopstick, paintbrush tip, twist-ties. TEETERER; 2001; duct tape, nails, Q-tip sticks, nut pick, bamboo skewers, paper, office clip, masking tape, wire, approx 1×1.5×18 inches.  PSSSTOLA; 2001; 10.5×2.5×2 inches; inner tube valves, stick segment, wire, black tape, masking tape, guitar string, gold foil, twist-tie, pencil butt, hobby paintbrush tip, paint tube. BIPOD; 2001; 8.5x7x4.5 inches; misc, used tire valve. SHEATH WITH JINGLE BELLS; 2001; 13.5×1.5 inches (diameter); 2 jingle bells, key chain, wire, bicycle seat post, sparkplug, drinking straw segment, exhausted ball-point pen refill. FARDEL; 2001; 8x7x6 inches; drawings (cut), wire, neon green color samples, found photo (flower), Goodwill tag, sisal, floss, thread. WAD; 2001; 14.5×8.5×6 inches; paper towels (1 year’s worth from personal use in public restrooms), sisal, hemp, floss, wire. LEAVINGS; 2001; 10x4x2.75 inches; wire, sisal, thread, plastic, clear tape, paper bag, paint, refuse, found objects. ROUND ROBIN; 2001; 13.25x5x3.25 inches; thread, floss, sisal, clear tape, plastic, refuse, found objects.
isjw 3b
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