BOX #25


the same color as a domestic return receipt

isjw 25a

CONFORMS TO ASTM D4236; mon11:11:11pm09jul2012; string, masking tape, 2 paint stirsticks, 4 containers (3 plastic, 1 glass with a metal cap) containing certain varied amounts of acrylic matte and/or gloss mediums, a plastic ziploc bag; 13″x4″ diameter.          3 OF 6 ALL COMBINED & MIXED THEN DIVIDED INTO 27 EQUAL PARTS THEN 1/2 OF EACH POURED INTO EACH OF THE TOTAL 54 BOXES; wed06:43:02pm11jul2012; masking tape, plastic, paper, ink, traces of tempera paint; 7″x2 3/4″ diameter.          31 SPONGES + 14 MORE; 31 SPONGES, Spring/Summer 2004 & + 14 MORE, since then; 31 SPONGES is approximately 15 1/4″x 8 1/4″x 5 1/2″ and + 14 MORE varies; 31 SPONGES is 30 used sponges & 1 unused sponge, + 14 MORE is 11 used sponges & 3 unused sponges.          HERE COMES THE…; NOV 2006; 8 1/2″x 13″x 11 1/2″; sisal, string, clear tape, various plastics, 3 handmade wedding pillows, 2 stuffed bride & groom Teddy Bears with porcelain faces, post-it, ink.          FAST FOOD FORKS & MORE; ongoing; approximately 5″x 12″x 8″; used fast food eating utensils (pretty much all of which were not asked for) and more plastic eating utensils salvaged from social events, 2 plastic bags.          FOUND FISHERMAN’S FLOAT; 1999; a sphere 4″ in diameter; glass, twine/rope.  (moved to BOX #24)

isjw 25b

more images (to come): here.



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