BOX #57

isjw 57a

20 1-FOOT BY 1-FOOT PAINTINGS PAINTED IN A GARAGE IN ESTERO (FL) IN 1995, 19 OF WHICH WERE CUT & CONDENSED & TIED IN 2011 SO AS TO FIT ALL 20 INTO 1 BANANA BOX; tue03:47:03pm29nov2011; string, wood, staples, cardboard, nails, styrofoam, rubber, paint, a sock, rags, burlap, canvas, handkerchieves; size varies per installation.          THE END; thu05:05:05pm20aug2015; 3 Tootsie Roll wrappers, 2 pieces of masking tape, some Sharpie ink; 2.75x.75x.1 inches.

isjw 57b

more images:  here.



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