BOX #56


isjw 56a

32 1/2 PAIRS OF WHITE SOCKS; 4:11:19pm WED 16MAR2011; cotton,elastic, found plastic, string; 7x7x9.5 in.            BLUE VEINER  (see BOX #20)          YOU WILL HAVE…  (see BOX #33)          AHR-TUH-FISH-UL KAHR-DEE-OH-MUH-GEY-LEE-UH; 8:48:39pm WED 29SEP2010; 7.5×6.5 inches; all 3-d objects that would have been trash b/w 08JUN2009 & 04AUG2010 (approx. 1 year), mostly plastic, in brown paper bag, wrapped in string, with leaky nearly empty tube of first aid antibiotic ointment.          PEAKING…  (see BOX #58)          A LOVE OF FAILING THINGS  (see BOX #58)          $2 POEM PURCHASED FROM POET STANDING AT LEFT-TURN SIGNAL ON NORTH SIDE OF INTERSECTION AT NOVATO BLVD & 7TH ST (FOLDED BY POET); 10FEB2011; paper, ink; 8.5×11 inches (open); is part of MR PALMER, THE $2 POEM, THE $100 CHECK, AND THE +5.00 READING GLASSES.          HAIRBALL  (see BOX #24 or BOX #33)          CHOCOLATE BAR  (see BOX #20)          14 CUPS, 13 WRAPPERS & 1 BROWN PAPER BAG; TUE 24MAR2011 6:39:01pm; 14 cups, 13 burrito wrappers, 39 used hot sauce packets, 13 receipts, from Taco Bell, a brown paper bag, masking tape; 10.5×3.5 (diameter) inches (closed) (moved to BOX #39).          THESE ARE NOT THE OTHERS; FRI 25MAR2011 5:02:53pm; 3 Celestial Seasonings tea box liners, graphite, masking tape; each is 7×17 inches (open) (moved to BOX #5).          TRUNK LEAK REPAIR ON MY 1991 TOYOTA COROLLA; 2:13pm 17JAN2010; Shoe Goo b/w 2 generic macaroni & cheese box top fragments; 1 9/16 x 3 11/16 inches (moved to BOX #5).          MR PALMER, THE $2 POEM, THE $100 CHECK, AND THE +5.00 READING GLASSES; mon11:05:11pm04apr2011; rubber (band), paper, 25 feet +/- string, tape, ink; 4.5×3.25×1.25 inches (closed) (moved to BOX #5).          THE GLASS BROKE; 8:38:38pm TUE 07DEC2010; the unbroken glass was 3.5×2.75 (diameter) inches; with post-it(s) & ink in a white Safeway pharmacy bag; glass, paper, ink  (moved to BOX #6).         USED BUT STILL USABLE 3-CENT iPHONE CASE; MAR 2010; 3 x 5 1/4 x 3/8 inches; duct tape and envelope from Ace hardware (from when I had a duplicate key made) (moved to BOX #8).         (FLOO-TIK-A-SONE) AND (MON-TE-LOO-KAST) ARE BETTER THAN OXYMETAXOLINE HYDROCHLORIDE 0.05%; THU 07APR2011 10:25:25am; paper, ink, masking tape; 3 3/4 x 2 1/8 inches (closed)…each sheet is 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches (open) (moved to BOX #5).            THE YELLOW PART IS THREE BY NINE INCHES; THU 24MAR2011 6:08:03pm; paper, ink, bandage (used), blood, clear tape, masking tape, “thank you” sticker, watchband fragment; the yellow part is 3″ x 9″ (moved to BOX #5).          NOSE STRIPS, 2 CENTS EACH VS 25 CENTS EACH OR $7.30 VS $91.25 FOR 365 DAYS OR $73 VS $912.50 FOR A DECADE OR $511 VS $6,387.50 FOR A LIFETIME OF NOSE STRIPS; 2009; 5 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 1″; Johnson & Johnson first aid heavy duty cloth tape, adheres securely, tears easily, latex free, made in Brazil (moved to BOX #6).          THE 4-LEGGED BLUES WITH 2 BURNT MATCHES (PACKET/CLOSED); TUE 2:22:22pm 05APR2011; used brown shoe lace, 2 found rusty nails, 2 pharmaceutical dessicant cylinders, a found rubber block, used clear packaging, 2 red twist ties, clear tape, 2 burnt matches; 1x2x3 inches (main body).  Note: THE 4-LEGGED BLUES (W/BANJO SOUND) (OPEN) is at… (moved to BOX #5)          ANOTHER $2 POEM PURCHASED FROM THE SAME POET STANDING AT THE LEFT-TURN SIGNAL ON NORTH SIDE OF INTERSECTION AT NOVATO BLVD & 7TH ST (FOLDED BY THE POET) (HE HAS CUT HIS HAIR AND GROWN A MUSTACHE) (OH…IT’S A COPY OF THE SAME POEM); WED 06APR2011; paper, ink, tape, smudges; 8 1/2 x 11 inches (when flat) (moved to BOX #5).          RE:ican’tsellmyartwork; APR/MAY 2011; paper, ink, masking tape; 8 1/2 x 11 inches (moved to BOX #7).         ANY TITLE USING THE LETTERS H,I,P,S,T,U WITH NEARLY 150 ARROWS; APR 2011; cardboard, masking tape, red and green ink; 9 1/2 x 12 x 1/8 inches (moved to BOX #7).          LINTBALL, 1 LOAD; FRI 3:35:17pm 27MAY2011; lint, hair; 1 1/2 inch diameter sphere (moved to BOX #5).          THE PINK JELLYBEAN & THE MARBLE (2 PARTS); THU 4:20:20pm 26MAY2011; 2-d is paper, tape, ink and is 16×21 inches & the 3-d is string, tape, wood, metal, glass, candy and is 22 1/2 x approx 3 (diameter) inches (broke to fit & moved to BOX #55).          PADDLEHEAD (2 PARTS); Thu 4:38:37pm 26MAY2011; 2-d is paper, tape, ink and is 16×21 inches & the 3-d is string, tape, wood, metal and is 12 1/4 x 5 x 2 inches (moved to BOX #7).          SEIS BANDERAS DE PAPEL Y MADERA; FRI 4:17:53pm 27MAY2011; paper, wood; each one is 2 1/8 x 1 1/4 inches, 6 of 20 or so little American flags that were found stuck in various mangroves and pier remnants in an official nature preserve and subsequently deemed trash and removed (moved to BOX #6).

isjw 56b


more images: here.



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