BOX #15

…she just kept dancing around in a circle and…

isjw 15a

TIP JAR; spring2004; cue ball (cue ball spins an average of 1.5 minutes atop inverted ashtray), ashtray, paint, 2 glass jars (1 from grape jelly, 1 from green olives), paper, marker ink, a small super ball, a cedar ball, 4 pairs of my eyeglasses (prescriptions expired), crushed light bulb in a used orange marmalade jar with metal lid marked “Florida”, in cardboard box with clear tape, masking tape, ink, newsprint; 9.5x7x3.5 inches.         A STACK; wed07:53:35pm24oct2007; 360 yards 5-ply natural jute, plastic, clear tape, duct tape, 3 cans (used) Drylok masonry treatment, 1 can (used) rubbing compound, 1 can (used) Turtle Wax, plastic bag, post-it; stack items as per order on plastic bag then put/hang plastic bag over stack; approx 24×5(diameter) inches (w/o jute roll).          THE FINE TOED TOWED TOAD LINE; an ongoing solo or group non-performance; materials collected feb2003-may2004; metal, plastic sheeting scrap, clear & masking tape, ink; 88+ metal street sweeper brush hairs happened upon while on walks, by picking up these street sweeper brush hairs urge to pick up other found objects thankfully quelled; suggested non-performance: place each piece end-to-end, when all pieces have been placed pick up first placed piece and attach to end of last placed piece then 2nd placed to that, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc, continue for as long as possible; size varies, current size while closed condensed wrapped is 13.75×1 inch diameter; each unit is approx .125 inches wide, average unit length is 9.5 inches, approximate end-to-end length is 83 feet.          FELL; tue01:59:02pm22jan2004; all materials are stacked…each time stack falls it is documented; 2 plastic organizer boxes, 2 metal pencil boxes, 1 Altoids tin, cylindrical metal container, red plastic cup with words “wine glass” written on it, empty 20 oz. plastic diet Coca-Cola bottle, 2 plastic bottles, plastic from staple remover packaging, 2 index cards, masking tape, ink, translucent paper, clear tape; 10.75×9.25×5.5 inches.          ABANDONED SKETCHBOOKS; sun02:50:20pm20jun2004; abandoned sketchbooks salvaged from dumpster; paperboard, cloth, wire, clear tape, masking tape, translucent paper, ink; 3.25×11.25×9.75 inches.

isjw 15b

more images: here.

ever so casually smoking a cigarette


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