BOX #13


isjw 13a

I, TOO, AM BLUE; wed19sep2007; approx 150 feet of blue masking tape with paint marks used to mask molding and baseboard of a large room, post-it, ink, used plastic bag, black tape; 3×3.25×1.75 inches.          STONE BUDDHA HEAD IN BUBBLEWRAP; fri11:03:15am26oct2007; clear tape, masking tape, bubblewrap (largish bubbles), stone Buddha head (gifted to me, brought in gifter’s luggage from China to America); 3x6x3.5 inches.          BROKEN MUG STILL IN 1 PIECE; 2006; ceramic mug, masking tape, newsprint, ink; approx 4.75×4.5 inch diameter.          NASAL SPRAY BOTTLE W/BROKEN REFRIGERATOR PART; mon08:49:01am25jun2012; plastic, metal, tape, traces of nasal spray; bottle is 4.25×1.25×1.75 inches.          25 MORE TRAYLINERS, DOUBLE-BAGGED, FROM I DON’T KNOW WHEN; mon08:37:15am25jun2012; paper, plastic; 3″x4 1/2″x2″.          2 FEET, NOBODY; winter/spring-2002/2003; old socks, black thread, string, ink, joint compound, plastic, approx 1 month of what could have been refuse, masking tape; 10.5x13x4 inches.                 FILES (FFF), EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION, 1984-1996; thu09:03:57pm24jun2004; paper, string, ink; approx 10x12x3 inches.          215+ TRAYLINERS; wed10:43:53am23jun2004; 215+ folded and stacked trayliners from fastfood meals I have eaten (each trayliner represents 1 burrito and 1 diet soda), translucent paper, clear tape, masking tape, ink; 17.25×4.5×3 inches.          D. BULLET IN BOAR; day?5:03:22pm22jun2004; contents of 2 bulletin boards minus push pins and straight pins, paper, styrofoam, rubber, metal, masking tape, clear tape, translucent paper; 2×8.75×11.5 inches.          BROTHERLY LOVE; tue02:29:29pm22oct2007, ongoing/varies; 1 of 2 corduroy shirts given to me by my brother for Christmas 1992 (tag reads: large, 100% cotton, made in China, S/52032, D/41, RN 15099, care see reverse, color may rub off, wash once before wearing, machine wash cold with similar colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low, use warm iron, iron wrong side only, T05-150, FieldMaster); original color, purple – bleached and worn to current state; currently folded, in plastic, taped with masking and clear packing tape; approx 3.25×10.5×7.75 inches (size varies).         JUST LISTED (2 PARTS); wed02:17:05pm23jun2004; part 1 of 2: 2 realtor flyers (the 1 we saw before buying and the 1 we saw before selling), glass, masking tape, clear tape, translucent paper, ink; 11.8.5x.5 inches…part 2 of 2: all records generated from the buying and selling of first owned house; paper, plastic, string, upholstery thread, masking tape; 8.5×6.25×3.75 inches.          OXYMETAZOLINE HYDROCHLORIDE 0.05%; mon01:27:57pm21jun2004; 9.75×5.5 inches diameter (closed); my last dozen or so (of dozens) of nasal spray bottles from a dozen-or-so year addiction, cylindrical paperboard container with plastic lid (ex-oats container), clear & masking tape, translucent paper, ink; 9.75×5.5 inches diameter (closed)          IT’S A SIZE THING & I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE-USE CUP; mon02:57:44pm21jun2004; IAST – plastic eating utensils (not requested) from my visits to fastfood restaurants b/w summer2002 and summer2004, plastic cup from Carl’s Jr. which reads, “It’s A Size Thing”, plastic, paper, tape, ink; IWNPAO-UC – a plastic cup from Taco Bell, ink; I have written on the cup: “I will not purchase another one-use cup. Purchased thu17jun2004. Used once. I will not use it as a cup again – instead I will use it as a reminder to myself that I have wronged by purchasing it when I did not need it and that I will try my hardest to not make the same mistake again. I did not have my multiple-use beverage container with me – instead of patiently waiting – I panicked.”; 19.25×5.5approx inches diameter.

isjw 13b

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