BOX #58 *****


A NICE LITTLE PAD; tue12:12:12pm4oct2011; foam rubber fragment last used as padding for carpet in a loft in a townhouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico; 1 3/16″x3/4″x5/8″.  (moved to BOX #52)          MY LAST CHRISTMAS TREE – I SWEAR #3; fri16sep2011; Christmas tree from 2002 (used, rescued…in 2003 bound, used again and again, wrapped in plastic in 2005, cut in thirds on fri16sep2011 to be able to fit in banana box & tied with sisal), sisal, string, upholstery thread, 2 found metal structural support pieces, plastic, duct tape; original bound size was 43″x1 1/4″to3 1/2″ diameter, current size is 5 1/2″x4 1/2″x15 1/2″ (main body length) (wire pieces stick out an additional 1 5/8″).  (moved to BOX #43)          PEAKING IN 3 PARTS, ORIGINALLY PEAK (IN 1 PART); thu22sep2011, originally 2000; part of WHAT GOT ME IN; twine, string, used dental floss (1 of which is green/mint-flavored), black & blue used broken window blinds pull-strings, wire, duct tape, wood strips (originally used as packing spacers from a shipment of palope wood used to build a boardwalk thru a cypress swamp, and a small paper & ink note documenting when the tip was broken (mon27nov2006); 43 1/2″x5″ diameter (when stacked).  (moved to BOX #56)          HELP YOURSELVES; tue11:38:07am4oct2011; paper, ink (3rd poem purchased, this one for $1.00, from poet Craig Arle, a couple of weeks ago, at left turn traffic signal, at the intersection, nearest the public library, in Novato); 8 1/2″x11″.  (moved to BOX #4)          1410 SLIDES; thu11:35:05pm4aug 2011; string, ink, clear tape, all of my slides; 8″x6″x6″.  (moved to BOX #51)          SPOT OF CAT PEE (BONUS, ONLY IN THE BOOKLET); sun3:15:47pm9oct2011; a spot of urine with traces of blood, made from a straining female cat, which took approx 15 seconds to make; 3/16″ diameter.          LEFTOVER FRAGMENTS FROM ODDS 25/13 TIME 4/4; a couple of weeks before tue11:55:43am4oct2011; from a larger piece that was cut in two to be able to fit into banana box(es) – wood, ink, cardboard, canvas, metal, carpet tile, paint – with manila envelop container and a paper clip; the manila envelop is 6″x9″ – otherwise size varies.  (moved to BOX #3)          I HARDLY EVEN KNEW HER; fri5:05:02pm9sep2011; 5 dead cassettes (in cases), 15 computer diskettes, 16 computer compact discs, a class b digital apparatus made in China which meets all the requirements of the Canadian interference-causing regulation (Model:  D-11561821/B2A), clear tape, string; 5″x5″x4 3/4″.  (moved to BOX #21)          A LOVE OF FAILING THINGS; tue2:49:13pm11oct2011; string, upholstery thread, sisal, duct tape, a roll of wallpaper, scraps of plastic household construction items, strips of wood for tacking down carpet padding from a loft; 21″x6″x4 1/2″ (when the 2 pieces are butted together); throw into the air.  (moved to BOX #56)          SET FOR LIFE; fri11:43:07am7oct2011; found used CaLottery Scratcher card with parking lot embossments, from local 7-11 convenience store, near Hwys 33 & 101 – paper, ink, dirt; 5″x4″.  (moved to BOX #4)



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