BOX #42

isjw 42a

COASTER  (see BOX #24)          TABLE LEG FOOT TOE PIECES, 3 EA.  (see BOX #21)          ODD ONE ANGST; OCT 2007; condensed & stacked size is 4 3/4″x 10 1/4″x 9 3/4″, pieced together is 50 3/4″x 54 3/8″; 28 numbers to match up on 20 pieces of cardboard; cardboard box which was sent across the U.S.A. several times, tape, ink, address labels, yellow post-it, green stickers.          PPPPM COVER; Summer 2005; 3″x 5 1/4″x 5 3/8″; partially painted plastic particle mask cover (with masking tape).          PRESIDENT BUCK BUCHANAN’S SUPER EXTRA FIRM PILLOW; late APR 2007; 11″x 16″x 6 1/2″; sisal, string, thick plastic zippered linens cases, misc., paper and plastic from Buchanan Road in Fort Myers, FL, 1/2 sheet of bond paper, ink, post-its, masking tape, label.          WEDGE; OCT 2007; 10″x 6 1/4″x 4 1/4″; string, tape, ink, photos, paper, rubberband, fragment of paper with words written by my Dad when he was still alive.          TERMITES; OCT 2007; 8″x 16 3/4″x 3″; 10 or so large paintings that were painted in 1999-ish in Estero, FL, on pieced-together sheets of 8 1/2″x 11″ paper then hung on wood walls then taken down & folded & packed & moved a couple miles north to San Carlos Park & stored in a shed where termites subtractively marked them which caused me to wrap/seal them in a scrap of heavy plastic sheeting that was leftover from a large roll that I had to buy because our roof sprung a bad leak before we had to move to Sacramento, CA, where they sat in a closet off our apartment balcony…well, anyways…Spring of 2008, I used my handsaw to cut them in half so they’d fit in a banana box, sisal, string, plastic, paper, masking tape, paint.          CHEW ON THIS; SEP 2007; 3 1/8″x 6 1/4″x 4 3/8″; 2 sculpturettes made in San Carlos Park, FL, from leftover cement & plaster from home repairs, surrounded by a found rawhide dog chew which I soaked in water then wrapped around and bound in string; cement, plaster, rawhide, string.

isjw 42b

more images (to come): here.



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