BOX #51

isjw 51a

1419 SLIDES  (see BOX #58)          $4000 EACH  (see BOX #24)          INSPECTED BY F6  (see BOX #24)          GOODWILL $6.99  (see BOX #21)          UPON REALIZING THE ROOF NO LONGER LEAKS  (see BOX #63)          LOOK AT WHILE HOLDING WITH RIGHT HAND WITH RIGHT THUMB IN WOOD-EXPOSED OPENING WHILE RUBBING PROTRUDING WOOD BETWEEN THUMB AND FOREFINGER OF LEFT HAND  (see BOX #63)          FOR THE WOMAN TO WHOM ALWAYS CATCHES SOMETHING NEAR / HOME  (see BOX #59)          MY DAD’S STILL DEAD; thu10:49:49am08jul2010; items created by my Dad (15 journals, 20 sketchbooks, misc. cards, postcards, letters); 8x15x17 inches; As of today…my Dad’s still dead.

isjw 51b

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