BOX #53

isjw 53a

TOOTY’S; 3:08:31 p.m. THU 08 JUL 2010; approx. 9″ x 14″ x 19″; 2-d artworks created by me (paper, paperboard, photos, ink, graphite, mixed media, plexiglass, various tape, mat board, transparencies, and more)     HENRY, PREMIXED PATCH N’LEVEL, FLOOR PATCH & SMOOTHING COMPOUND, DRIED OUT / HARDENED; sat11:43:51pm05oct2013, Henry premixed patch n’level; 1 1/2X4 1/8in     DRIED OUT SAKRETE CONCRETE CRACK FILLER NOT FILLING CONCRETE EDGES SMOOTHED; mon10:21:09pm30sep2013; Sakrete concrete crack filler; 5x6x1in.

isjw 53b

more images:  here.



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