BOX #9


isjw 9a

NEDALM KINPORTS & FFEJ NOSDOD; sat08:49:28pm23jun2012; paper, ink, tape, cardboard; 10″x12″x1/2″ (when completely closed).          LARRY & MOMMY; fri12:47:51pm25jun2004; duct tape, paperboard, ink, clear tape, masking tape, black tape, post-its (which read…He was 86. Now he is dead, or about 93. He called his wife Mommy. His age secret was, “Don’t fall”. So, he shuffled. White hair, pink thin translucent skin. A shuffling stickman. He misses fixing boilers for some school district in Ohio. He wore a lot of stripes, plaids, and checks. He didn’t want chainlink around his property, but he sure was proud of it once it was up. They had a garage sale every year. The same stuff – year after year. I bought this there.), stacked leather-handled metal awl (3.75×1.25 inches diameter), post-its (13.5×1.5 inches); closed size 3.75×8.5×1.5 inches          A CLOTHES HANGER, A TENNIS BALL, A RED HEART SHELF, A MARBLE SQUARE; summer2006; metal, rubber, cloth, wood, paint, marble; size varies per installation.          2 NOTES LATE 2003; fri10:47:55am25jun2004 (rehung & wrapped 2008); 4 7/8″x 4 7/8″x 1/2″; 2 informational notes (written by me, converted into drawings, folded, stacked, paper-clipped, taped, hung, taken down, wrapped, taped, labeled, stored), newsprint, ink, graphite, paper clip, masking tape, clear tape, color photocopy; 4.75×4.74x.5 inches.                    NOMRAH THGIWD YB GOD DETTOPS; 2007; a painting (“Spotted Dog” by Dwight Harmon, friend, artist, art professor, beaten to death in a park while bringing food to a homeless person), post-it note, ink, clear tape, masking tape, plastic sheeting from inside a banana box, wood frame, plexiglass, matboard, gatorboard, paint, 2 Del Monte stickers, label which reads: DW0049 DWIGHT HARMON SPOTTED DOG M/M 15″x 18″, manilla folder with copies of 2 newspaper articles, “Body of a Beaten Art Teacher Found in Park” & “Police Issue Drawing of Fatal Beating Suspect”; 15x18x1.5 inches.          WHAT DID YOU EAT UNDER THERE? (2 OF 2); JUN 2004; current size is 8 1/2″x 15″x 19″; used underwear and other used cloth items.          THE NO-LONGER-UP-TO-DATE CATALOG, 81 PAGES (CIRCA 2006-2012); wed07:57:15pm-4feb2015; paper, ink, tempera paint spillage, masking tape, clear tape, stickers, a metal binder clip; 1×8.5×11 inches.          A DRAWING (2003) BY A FAMOUS ARTIST AND A SCULPTURE BY A NOT-SO-FAMOUS ARTIST; tue03:08:53pm08nov2011; tape, paper, ink, cardboard, paperboard, graphite: 12.75x15x.25 inches.          A FAMOUS ARTIST LIVES (T)HERE; sun10:43:28am24jun2012; ink, paper, tape, a stamp, a postmark, DNA; 6 1/2″x3 5/8″ when flat, variable when standing. 

isjw 9b

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