BOX #34

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isjw 34a

A SOUNDTRACK, WITH $17 BARITONE UKE & METAL SLIDE AND NEXT TO NO EXPERIENCE, 62 RECORDED-OVER CASSETTES RECORDED BETWEEN WED06JAN2010 – WED22DEC2010, EACH 45 MINUTES OR SO, ALL RETITLED & REDESIGNED; wed06:39:27pm08feb2012; string, clear tape, black tape, white tape, masking tape, audio tape, paper, plastic, ink; 14x13x3 inches (bound version).          10 MONTH’S OF RAMEN PACKAGING INSIDE 1 PLASTIC CEREAL BAG THEN BOUCND WITH 2 RUBBERBANDS AND STRING; thu07:01:05:pm26jun2014; string, plastic, rubber, metallic material; 4.5×5.5×4.5 inches.          FAILED ATTEMPT TO MAKE A BASEBALL OUT OF 2 USED DIRTY AERATED SUN-DISTORTED ATHLETIC FOOT INSOLES AND SOME STRING (HUNG WITH STRING AND 2 FOUND USED HAIRBANDS AND A PUSHPIN) WITH CARDBOARD BOX; fri02:05:55pm27dec2013; undetermined type of foam-textile composite, cotton, elastic material, plastic, metal, ink, cardboard, paper; 5.5x4x4 inches (hanging portion of string), 6 inches (2 hairbands, stretched).          57 PIECES OF THICK BROWN PAPER OF VARIOUS SIZES FOLDED AND 5 OTHER SURFACES STACKED TO BE PRESENTED IN ANY MANNER SEEN FIT; wed12:08:37pm04feb2015; paper, cardboard, foam core, graphite, masking tape, clear tape, house paint approximate color of cardboard; 6x15x20 inches stacked (size varies otherwise).          11 USED SPONGES OF VARYING DEGREE WITH 10 RED RUBBERBANDS AND A BROKEN BLUE RUBBERBAND AND A GREEN SCRUBBING PAD; wed05:15:51pm04feb2015; manmade sponges, rubberbands, a scrubbing pad; 5x6x3.5 inches.          THE NUDIES (A NON-COLLABORATION B/W A SON & HIS DEAD FATHER…43 SPREADS AND A FRONT & BACK COVER); wed12:13:13am02nov2016; 50-year-old newsprint with graphite drawings by a father painted over by a son with Kilz Kwik-Start primer/sealer with splurts of old Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and splashes of Dr. Tichenor’s All Natural Peppermint Mouthwash Concentrate and more graphite added and bound with Marlow No2 whipping twine, clear tape; just under 14x11x1 inches (closed).          

isjw 34b         

more images: here.

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