BOX #36

2 boxes, stacked

ACOUSTIC CEILING POPCORN (1 of 2 PARTS); 14jun2010; contains half of acoustic ceiling popcorn removed from artist’s 850sqft live/work space, plastic; each is 9x15x20in.

more images: here.

*************** ALL BELOW IS NO MORE ***************

G1; 9:37:15 p.m. MON 28 JUN 2010; 9 1/2″ x 20″ x 16″; sandpapers (used and not used, loose and in Tupperware container) (moved to BOX #34), various rolls of tape (moved to hold pile piece) (in cardboard shoebox (recycled)), colored inks and shoe polish (moved to BOX #34) (in cardboard shoebox (recycled)), blades (moved to BOX #34) (in cardboard shoebox (recycled)), brushes (moved to BOX #34) (in cardboard envelop box (recycled)).  (all used toothbrushes & all worn out paintbrushes combined into 4 artworks, all non-essential items donated to thrift store, all other worn out items combined into 1 artwork)



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