BOX #16


isjw 16aTHIS IS MASQUERADERS PACKETTE & DRAWINGS; sun01:53:43pm28oct2007; ink, newsprint, black tape, post-it, black safety pin, string, blue rubberbands around curtain hem weight, Montserrat Masqueraders postcard, misc. paper items; 5x8x2 inches.          PANIC CAN SET IN WHEN YOU HAVE A BUYER FOR YOUR HOUSE AND YOU DISCOVER YOUR ROOF LEAKS; tue01:53:41pm23oct2007; ink, graphite, masking tape, found translucent graph paper, list, repair plan (ink, graphite, paper); rubbing made 01oct2005 of kitchen/hall ceiling hole used to determine ceiling drywall replacement piece size, approx 13.5×34.5 inches.          BIG BOX, SMALL BOX; 2003-2004; wood, glue, nails, paper, ink, masking tape, string, upholstery thread, duct tape, cardboard; one box is 8.25x8x14.75 inches, the other box is 8×8.5×14.5 inches.

isjw 16b

more images: here.

and more rain

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