BOX #17


isjw 17a

?????MY B&W TV  (see BOX #19)?????          TAKE-DOWN REQUESTED (TAKEN DOWN SUN01:53:29PM28SEP2008) WITH GRAPHITE ARROWS & CIRCLES THE SIZE OF THE BOTTOM OF A 5-GALLON BUCKET AND CiRCLES THE SIZE OF 1-GALLON PAINT CAN BOTTOMS AND CIRCLES THE SIZE OF TOPS OF 15-OZ CANS OF BLACK BEANS; wed03:53:57pm10dec2014; newsprint, graphite, ink, tape; 49×29 inches.           13 DEAD BLACK PENS AND 1 STILL SOMEWHAT ALIVE BLUE PEN; wed04:27:22pm10dec2014; ink, plastic, metal, rubber bands, electrical tape; 5.25×2 diameter inches.         ?????6 TUBES OF ACRYLIC PAINT, TUBES REMOVED; wed03:08:11pm11jun2012; masking tape, 324 sq. in. of brown paper, 6 tubes of acrylic paint (1 large, 5 small); 7 1/2″x3″x1 3/4″ (closed), size varies per unwrapping/install.?????         partial, detail…THAT WHICH WAS LEFT BEHIND FOR…(MINUS 5 PIECES); summer2005; cardboard box, ink, wrapping tape, sisal, string, duct tape, plastic, drywall, carpet, graphite, rusty nails, dryer vent accordion tube, plastic drip sprinkler tubing, foam, paint roller with dried white paint, curtain fragments, items in a white taped paper bag, crumpled newsprint…all refuse left behind, minus 5 pieces, in a 2-car garage by previous owners in the foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the Spring of 2005.          WHAT IS THIS?…THAT IS A POTATO; 2009-2014; paper, ink, blue tape, masking tape, clear tape, white tape, black tape, duct tape, stickers, waxed card stock, a hair, elastic band, graphite, a bug, powdered sugar residue, bandages, cardboard, wood depressor, paint, string, leather, metallic paper, styrofoam, motor oil residue, dried blood, gauze, faux fur, a plastic toy potato, a pushpin; 54X86 inches with 10-foot string and a 2×2.75×4-inch plastic toy potato.          57 OK SO SO DRAWINGS AND A FAKE POTATO AND A BOX; sat03:1527pm11jul2015: ink, tape, some kind of weird plasticky paper and a whole bunch of other stuff; 2.25x9x13.25 inches (closed).

isjw 17b

more images:  here.



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