BOX #55

isjw 55a

MA-HE—-AN-Y #2  (see BOX #57)          USED AUTO PARTS  (see BOX #39)          THE PINK JELLYBEAN & THE MARBLE  (broke to fit in new box)  (see BOX #56)          RUE FLEINER  (see BOX #33)          MEL’S BROKEN CEREAL BOWL; 2006; ceramic, newsprint, ink; 2.5×7.75×5.75 inches…some time b/w 2012-2014 removed from newsprint condensed reformed put with note/label into used plastic bag taped shut; ceramic, paper, ink, plastic; 3x7x2.5 inches.          BROKEN READING GLASSES  (see BOX #33)          MR PALMER, THE $5 POEM, AND THE MOTEL 6; 5:01:35 p.m. FRI 17 SEP 2010 (main 5x4x3 inch part moved to BOX #8); 10″ x 18 1/4″ x 15″ (condensed); (string, plastic, ink, tape, metal, paper, ice cube trays), (5 plastic hangers, twist ties, rubber bands, ink, tape) (moved to BOX #7), (4 catalogs 3 catalogs…1 catalog has been removed and sent to Ljubljana, Slovenia, except for pages 15/16 which were put in Box#56, ink) (moved to BOX #8), (all that would have been trash 27 JAN 07 to 05 FEB 2008 or 1 yr & 9 days – mostly plastic, with string – 3 parts (1 part moved to BOX #39) – with 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper with ink & masking tape), (wax paper tea box liner), (3 dirty handkerchiefs) (moved to BOX #7), (1 dead cassette player) (moved to BOX #52), (1 dead pair of reading glasses w/broken case) (moved to BOX #8), (3 broken dishes – 1 plate (moved to BOX #7), 2 glasses – and a paper bag (moved to BOX #52)), (a paper bag full of folded fast food wrappers), (a worn out gray t-shirt (moved to BOX #7) & 3 dirty hand towels (moved to BOX #7)), (53 medium-sized fast food beverage cups and corresponding fast food wrappers, a brown paper bag), ((paper, ink, string, metal clip), (paper, ink), (used soap wrapped in paper), (2 rubber bands)).

isjw 55b

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