BOX #6

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isjw 6a


NOSE STRIPS  (see BOX #56)          SEIS BANDERAS DE PAPEL Y MADERA  (seeBOX #56)          3 PARTS SIDE-BY-SIDE…  (see BOX #63)          HOLDING IN MY HANDS HOLDING HANDS WITH MYSELF  (see BOX #64)          SMARTBALL, THROW FROM HAND TO HAND AND…  (see BOX #64)          A CERTAIN PULL-TOY  (see BOX #64)          A GLASS BROKE  (see BOX #56)          PA-SHE—-SOME (NO YOU CAN’T)  (see BOX #57)          EYE PILLOW WITH PANTY BULB PONDER OBJECT…  (see BOX #64)          UP ARROW, VERTICAL LINE 1; jun2005; marker ink, masking tape, duct tape, particle board fragments; 1.25x2x8.5 inches; originally used to tape together 16×20 inch found pieces of particle board which were stacked to height of 37inches which were before pieced together into a 120×96 inch flat plane and used as the base/stage for installation/non-performance entitled BEATING THE DEAD HORSE, post-installation the particle board pieces were given away.          UNTITLED, PEAR-SHAPED; 13jun2005; ink, clear tape, newsprint, masking tape, more ink; 4.75x3x2.5 inches.          17 (OR SO) LAMPSHADE WIRE SUPPORTS, VERSION 1; 2002; metal, lampshade fragments; 9×9.25diameter inches; in the year 2000 in Naples, Florida, USA, I happened upon a large trash dumpster full of lampshades. I took them, eventually I took them apart, these are the support pieces.          17 (OR SO) LAMPSHADE WIRE SUPPORTS, VERSION 2; sat10:05:01am23jun2012; metal, paint, tape; 9 1/4″x11″x1 3/4″.          DRIVE WITH THE BEST, VERSION 1; 2005; plastic (support piece for comfort leather steering wheel cover Series 8000 Made in China for American Auto Accessories of Corona NY Model #13 8008); .75×14.5(diameter) inches.          DRIVE WITH THE BEST FROM, VERSION 2; sat10:23:24am23jun2012; plastic, ink, paper, cellophane, tape; 10″x5″x1″.          A KINK; fall/winter2004; 8 pieces of black tape, plastic bag, ink, rubber hose (FSP part no. 96743JY), hard plastic adaptor fragment, paper index card, more ink; 6x24x1.5 inches; a kinked hose left behind by handyman who worked on washer in the fourplex rented in foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.          HUNTER, W5100; 2004; 12.25×11.25x.75 inches; a book, GREAT GAME ANIMALS OF THE WORLD, Russell Barnett Aitken, F.R.G.S., The MacMillan Company, The K. S. Giniger Company, Inc., Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 74-88210, copyright date unknown. See caption, page 187, “Sasha Siemel, above, with a huge 300-pound jaguar, one of 30 such predators he has killed with a spear in his long years in the Matto Grasso jungles. At right is Sasha and Russ Aitken, 20 years ago, in front of a jaguar pelt so big it covered that of an African lion.”          RED PIECE; fall/winter2004; upholstery thread, string, red spray paint (sprayed in 1981), acrylic paint, watercolor paper, masonite, expanded spray foam; 19x8x2.75 inches.          SOME ARTFORUM MAGAZINES & LOOSE PAGES (SOME WITH INK ADDED) WITH PLASTIC SHEETING FROM INSIDE OF A BANANA BOX; summer2004; paper, ink, plastic; approx 11x11x2.5 inches.          FOUND SPLAYED WIRE CABLE FRAGMENT; 2000; 4″x 10″x 7″.

isjw 6b

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