BOX #39

isjw 39a

14 CUPS, 13 WRAPPERS & 1 BROWN PAPER BAG  (see BOX #56)          USED AUTO PARTS  (see BOX #24)          (FOR BOB) DRAGGER, CANYON, 1 EA.  (see BOX #59)          HOME-MADE DRAIN DE-CLOGGER  (see BOX #33)          OH CANDY OH CANDY OH  (see BOX #24)          ERASERS, USED, ASSORTED, HARD; sun08:51:37am01jul2012; string, erasers, traces of charcoal & graphite; 3 1/2″x3 1/2″x2 3/8″.          ERASERS, KNEADED, USED; sun08:57:11am01jul2012; erasers, string, traces of charcoal & graphite; a sphere approx 3 1/4″ diameter.          ALL THAT WOULD’VE BEEN TRASH FROM 25 MAY 2006 TO 29 JAN 2007 OR ABOUT 32 WEEKS; APR 2007; 6 1/2″x 13″x 8″; sisal, string, upholstery thread, mostly plastic, watchband (found), pacifier (found), compass (found), black nozzly thing (found), temporary key ring with tag, 3 plastic white pizza box supports, yellow post-it, ink.          I HAVE NO USE FOR TRASH CANS, SO MINE IS NO LONGER A TRASH CAN; THU 06 SEP 2007; 16″x 6 1/2″x 13″ (main piece), 3/4″x 12 3/16″x 3/16″ (stick), 8 1/2″x 11″ (label drawing); reformed 30-gallon brown plastic trash can, paper, clear tape, masking tape, ink, white foozeball (found), sisal, string, wood stick with masking tape, bond paper, twine (string) label.

isjw 39b

more images: here.



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