BOX #4

they keep changing it and i;m like dude
isjw 4a
2998; tue11:33:17pm18oct2011; string, paper, plastic (12 tortilla chip bags, 15 potato chip bags, 10 pretzel bags – contents eaten during the previous 412 days); 3.5×4.5×6 inches…tied with an approx 55.5-inch string to…WELL, IT’S 2998 SOMEWHERE; sat08:55:53am05nov2011; 9 plastic sock hangers, a clear plastic disc, a 6-inch black string, 5 consignment store tag fragments, 3 swizzle sticks, 2 plastic spoons, 2 used shaving razors, a 17 year old broken shaving razor handle, 3 broken reading glasses arms, 4 empty ink pens, 3 drinking straws, 2 cocktail straws, a watchband, clear tape, a pointy metal object; 13.75 x 2 (diameter) inches.         SET FOR LIFE; fri11:43:07am7oct2011; found used CaLottery Scratcher card with parking lot embossments, from local 7-11 convenience store, near Hwys 33 & 101 – paper, ink, dirt; 5×4 inches.           AN EMPTY CAN OF HOMAX HEAVY FORMULA KNOCKDOWN TEXTURE (TEXTURA CON ACABADO PLANCHADO EN AEROSOL PARA PAREDES) PREMIUM BODIED WATER-BASED (A BASE DE AGUA 60 SQ FT COVERAGE 2 HOUR DRY TIME NET WT (WHEN FULL) 20 OZ (567G) AND 149 CANDY BAR WRAPPERS (99 SNICKERS & 50 OTHER); wed01:07:33pm02nov2011; string, plastic, metal, traces of candy, traces of industrial texture; the string b/w is 55 inches, the spray can is 9.75×2.5 (diameter) inches, the smaller object is 2×4.25(diameter) inches.          A DRAWING (2003) BY A FAMOUS ARTIST AND A SCULPTURE BY A NOT-SO-FAMOUS ARTIST; tue03:08:53pm08nov2011; tape, paper, ink, cardboard, paperboard, graphite: 12.75x15x.25 inches. (moved to BOX #9)          HELP YOURSELVES; tue11:38:07am4oct2011; paper, ink (3rd poem purchased, this one for $1.00, from poet Craig Arle, a couple of weeks ago, at left turn traffic signal, at the intersection, nearest the public library, in Novato); 8.5×11 inches when flat.          IMPROVISED SPECIAL PLACE HOLDER; 2010 (summer); fast food paper cup and a special sticker; 3.25×3.25×3 inches.          DUDE DOING SOMETHING TO SOMETHING WHILE DEFENDING HIS SCAREFACE; mon4:37:21pm26jul2011; 2 rubber bands, tape (clear, masking, duct), 1 manila file folder, ink (marker, ball pt, rolling ball), graphite; size varies depending on something.          MR PALMER…OH OH OH MR PALMER; tue11:59:01am26jul2011; string, 1 burnt out desk lamp bulb in an improvised envelop in a plastic package, various business cards & notes, an Altoids tin with happy girl slide inside, 2 small binder clips, 1 rubber band, 1 handmade memo booklet, various tickets, one cent; 2 3/4”x4 ¼”x3”.          A FAMOUS ARTIST LIVES (T)HERE; sun10:43:28am24jun2012; ink, paper, tape, a stamp, a postmark, DNA; 6 1/2″x3 5/8″ when flat, variable when standing. (moved to BOX #9)         DRAWER, BATHROOM; from summer of 2001 to 23 MAY 2006 (stored in bathroom drawer mid-2001 to mid-2004); 5 1/2″x 13 1/2″x 18 1/2″; non-messy bathroom waste generated mostly by me, index card, ink, cardboard box (that used to contain MRE’s), clear tape.          2 EMPTY INOPERABLE BACKPACKS (PART OF GREATER REFUSE PIECE); 2005; 2 (empty, worn, with broken hardware) backpacks – one “Ridgefield” purple with leather bottom, the other “Eastpak” black. Both are canvas. 3 1/2″x 15″x 18″ when closed, flattened, and stacked.
isjw 4b
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