BOX #2

you are going to be ok…
isjw 2a
IF THE WOMAN THAT YOU LOVE EMBROIDERED A SHIRT JUST FOR YOU AND THEN FELL INTO A COMA FOR DECADES WOULD YOU WEAR IT AND VISIT HER EVERY DAY? (FOR CHARLES AND MARGARET); tue11:22:44am13dec2011; a plastic hanger and an embroidered shirt (embroidered by Margaret) (MW warm tumble dry Big Mac no-iron 65% polyester 35% cotton JCPenney vdr7064) and a patch; approx 36x24x2 inches while hanging and approx 10x12x1 inches while in package.          HAIRBAND, BLACK, PARKING LOT, VILLAGE AT CORTE MADERA SHOPPING CENTER, NEAR JJILL STORE, CORTE MADERA, CALIFORNIA, USA; mon02:02:11pm; cloth-covered elastic band; 1.75 inches diameter.          HAIRBAND, BLACK, ENTRANCE TO KOHL’S STORE, NORTHGATE MALL, SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA, USA; wed03:49:01pm; cloth-covered elastic band; approx 2.25 inches diameter.          HAIRBAND, GREEN, PARKING LOT, THE VILLAGE AT CORTE MADERA SHOPPING CENTER, CORTE MADERA, CALIFORNIA, USA, NEAR BANANA REPUBLIC STORE; wed01:45:07pm16nov2011; sloth-covered elastic band, sparkles, metal; approx 1.75 inches diameter.          HAIRBAND, RAINBOW, PARKING LOT, JUST OUTSIDE ENTRANCE, SAFEWAY GROCERY STORE, NAVE DRIVE, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; tue11:23:07am17nov2011; cloth-covered elastic band; approx 2.25 inches diameter.           STANDING ON A BALCONY FOR AN HOUR CRUSHING A FOUND COOR’S LIGHT BEER CAN THEN PUTTING 7 BUTTONS CUT OFF A SHIRT IN THE CONCAVE PART THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE MOUTH HOLE AND THEN PUTTING IT ALL IN A SMALL PLASTIC BAG; thu03:29:32pm08dec2011; plastic, aluminum, dirt, plant matter; 8.25×5.25×1.5 inches.          A FEW LITTLE THINGS  (see BOX #61)          100% GARANTIZADO..1 LIMPIA GRATIS…PRESENTANDO ESTA TARJETA; tue10:37:29am13dec2011; Marlow No 4 41m (134Ft) whipping twine blue, masking tape, a business card, notes, lists, misc paper bits, collar & cuffs & pockets cut from a Cabela’s World’s Foremost Outfitter Outdoor Gear Since 1961 M/Reg 100% cotton AN# 56835 Made in USA Care: see reverse wash separately before wearing machine wash warm tumble dry low do not bleach shirt; 3.75×3.25×1.75 inches.          DESERT HANDBOAT WITH NO RIGHT-SIDE-UP-OR-DOWN; tue09:10:11am20mar2012; string, tape, razor blade, foam, Fix-All compound, drywall, paint, nails; 3×7.5×4.25 inches.          A BOX WITH SOMETHING IN IT; thu05:07:12pm03nov2011; a box with WHEN THE RING BREAKS IT IS NO LONGER AN ARTWORK in it secured with a rubber band; 1 1/8×2 5/8×2 1/8 inches.          824 SNIFFS OF FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE NASAL SPRAY & 32 LBS OF FIG BARS EATEN IN 412 DAYS; wed02:12:04pm02nov2011; string, wrappers from 56 packages of fig bars – 22 generic whole wheat & 34 Daddy Ray’s Real Fruit – 858 total fig bars eaten, traces of fig bars, duct tape, green plastic, $1.99 priced tag (paper, ink); the string b/w is approx 101″, the wrappers pak is 4x3x1.75 inches, the green plastic object is 3.25×1.125×1.5 inches (contains 8 smaller green plastic objects).          BUNK SPRINGS PAK; circa 2003; metal, plastic, tape; approx 4x8x16 inches.          YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK; 2002; 13x18x9 inches; one of my old yellowed pillows, sisal, upholstery thread, vintage pet carrier (hard paperboard with metal reinforcements, wire mesh door, plastic handle, ink); to be performed unannounced, to a captive audience…performer opens carrier, holds up bound pillow and tells it, “you are going to be ok”, then performs CPR on it until pre-specified time and/or audience is gone, then replaces pillow in pet carrier and latches door…performance size, time, and location varies.          COLLATERAL DAMAGE (FROM UNKNOWN IRAQI SOLDIERS I WOULD HAVE KILLED); TUE 12:01:55 p.m., NOV 2007; fits in a 9.5x20x16 inch banana box inside pet carrier from YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK (excluded are a pair of metal legs from bunk that was damaged during performance of UNKNOWN IRAQI SOLDIERS I WOULD HAVE KILLED (UISIWHK)), all materials used to produce and document UISIWHK: a black binder with 255 documentary pages, 4 transparent MRE (meals-ready-to-eat) packages (which contain all packaging from 4 MRE’s, leftover announcement cards, 1 copy of the Qur’an (given to me on Day 3 of performance), comment cards, newspaper articles, plastic bags, powdered donut residue, rat droppings, cardboard comment box (the inverted banana box), original comic inspired by performance given to me by the artist. *The box dragged during the performance is not included in this piece…it is a separate piece entitled UNKNOWN IRAQI SOLDIERS I WOULD HAVE KILLED.
isjw 2b
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