BOX #18

2 large cockroaches

isjw 18a

1 OF 6 COMBINED & MIXED THEN DIVIDED INTO 27 EQUAL PARTS THEN 1/2 OF EACH POURED INTO EACH OF THE CURRENT 54 TOTAL BOXES; wed06:21:03pm11jul2012; plastic, paper, ink, traces of tempera paint; 7×2.75 inches diameter.          INCOMING (21-GUN SALUTE); Spring 2006; main plastic piece is approx 8.25×10.5×6 inches; misc metal and plastic pipe fragments, shoe polish residue, shoe polish tin, upholstery thread, string, sisal, shoelace fragment, heavy gauge plastic sheeting fragments (from roll of plastic sheeting purchased and used originally to cover leaking roof on house on Buchanan Road in Fort Myers, Florida in the late 1990’s then used to wrap 21 groups of tin can-ended multiple wood piece missile-like projectiles which were stacked into a pyramid), index card, masking tape, ink, and 3 newsprint-wrapped forms (including 2 large cockroaches).          OUTFIT KIT; 2006; main body (excluding protrusions of used watchband and rubber toilet flap) 10.25x13x8.5 inches; refuse from…31 DEC 2004 -04 JUL 2005 & 05 JUL 2005 – 31 OCT 2005 & 01 NOV 2005 – 23 MAY 2006 (6 months, 4 days + 3 months, 26 days + 6 months, 23 days = 15 months, 53 days = 16 months, 23 days = 1 year, 4 months, 23 days of refuse (mostly plastic)…and…sisal, string, upholstery thread, index card, masking tape, ink, and 5 newsprint-wrapped forms.

isjw 18b

more images: here.

looking for water
lying dead in a box
in a box



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