BOX #5

oh good

isjw 5a

BEELER, DICK…  (see BOX #57)          YET ANOTHER BROKEN GLASS  (see BOX #57)          TRUNK LEAK REPAIR IN MY 1991 TOYOTA COROLLA  (see BOX #56)          THE YELLOW PART IS THREE BY NINE INCHES  (see BOX #56)          THE 4-LEGGED BLUES WITH BURNT MATCHES (PACKET CLOSED)  (see BOX #56)          NENE-NEITHER—-NONE  (see BOX #57)          ART DECO SUPERMARKET  (see BOX #57)          BROKEN GREEN DISH  (see BOX #57)          1579 ITEMS CHECKED OUT…  (see BOX #57)          THESE ARE NOT THE OTHERS  (see BOX #56)          USED BUT STILL USABLE 3 CENT IPHONE CASE  (see BOX #56)          ANOTHER GLASS BROKE  (see BOX #57)          LINTBALL, 1 LOAD  (see BOX #57)          MR PALMER…  (see BOX #56)          ANOTHER $2 POEM…  (see BOX #56)          (FLOO-TIK-A-SONE)…  (see BOX #56)          A CARDBOARD BOX COMPLETELY FILLED WITH PLASTIC BOTTLE CAPS FROM 2-LITER DIET SODA BOTTLES; spring2001; cardboard, plastic, tape, ink; 12×10.5×8.25 inches.          AOLHOLE; b/w2000-2010; 17 unsolicited packages received in the mail, each containing 1 or more CD advertisements, most from AOL (America Online) – paper, plastic, metal; 6x8x5.75 inches.          CAT TUNNEL PADS; summer2005; clear tape, plastic from a banana box; blue styrofoam chunks torn from cardboard consumer electronics product packaging, brown paper; 9×9.5×7.5 inches.          THE ORIGINAL SHREDDED WHEAT; thu12:31:55pm15nov2007; an 18-biscuit-sized Post Shredded Wheat cereal box with 53 empty paper biscuit wrappers; 11.5×7.75×3.25 inches

isjw 5b

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BOX #5


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