BOX #44

isjw 44a

MUMBAI-BOUND (see BOX #33)          10 SPONGES…  (see BOX #33)          WE BUY GOLD & PLATINUM  (see BOX #33)          PRESERVE  (see BOX #33)          DEER, DEAD DEAR  (see BOX #33)          2 BROKEN GLASSES & 1 BROKEN DISH (see BOX #33)          MIKE LIBRA ROME SIERRA  (see BOX #33)          PORTFOLIO USED  BY A(N) ONCE-ASPIRING- EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATOR DURING FIRST YEAR AS A PROFESSIONAL, CUT-IN-HALF; wed03:17:31pm14dec2011; string, sisal, duct tape, paperboard portfolio case covered with layer of imitation leather with wood supports with metal hardware with plastic handles with black-tape-covered stacks of cardboard handmade custom-fit supports, 17 illustrations on illustration board mounted on illustration board each of gesso, acrylic paint, black ink, colored ink, graphite; approx 18″x23″x4″ when measured together.          STANDING ON A BALCONY FOR AN HOUR CRUSHING A FOUND COOR’S LIGHT BEER CAN THEN PUTTING 7 BUTTONS CUT OFF A SHIRT IN THE CONCAVE PART THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE MOUTH HOLE AND THEN PUTTING IT ALL IN A SMALL PLASTIC BAG; thu03:29:32pm08dec2011; plastic, aluminum, dirt, plant matter; 8 1/4″x5 1/8″x1 1/2″.  (moved to BOX #2)          IF THE WOMAN THAT YOU LOVE EMBROIDERED A SHIRT JUST FOR YOU AND THEN SHE FELL INTO A COMA FOR DECADES WOULD YOU WEAR IT AND VISIT HER EVERY DAY? (FOR CHARLES & MARGARET); tue11:22:44am13dec2011; a plastic hanger & an embroidered shirt (embroidered by Margaret) (MW MACHINE WASH WARM  Tumble Dry  BIG MAC  NO-IRON  65% Polyester  35% Cotton  J C Penney  VDR 7064) & a patch; approx 36″x24″x2″ while hanging & approx 10″x12″x1″ while in package.  (moved to BOX #2)          100% GARANTIZADO..1 LIMPIA GRATIS…PRESENTANDO ESTA TARJETA; tue10:37:29am13dec2011; Marlow  No 4  41m (134Ft)  WHIPPING TWINE blue, masking tape, a business card, notes, lists, misc paper bits, collar & cuffs & pockets cut from a Cabela’s  World’s Foremost Outfitter  Outdoor Gear  Since 1961 M/Reg  100% cotton  AN# 56835  Made in USA  Care:  see reverse  wash separately before wearing  machine wash warm  tumble dry low  do not bleach  shirt; 3 3/4″x3 1/4″x1 3/4″.  (moved to BOX #2)    

isjw 44b

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