BOX #10

a n a n a s

isjw 10a

321; tue12:03:27am1nov2011; cotton string, cloth ribbon, marker ink, masking tape, plastic, paper, leather cord, Pilot Precise Extra Fine V5 Rolling Ball ink; main body 15.5x4x2.5 inches & 2 other pieces approx 5x2x1.5 inches, each attached by 25 & 41 inch strings.         10 OF 12 SECRET MISSIONS TO GO; tue10:19:47pm22nov2011; plastic, black – Ace – drum liners – flap tie – ferros para tambores con cierre – 10 (of 12) bags 55 gallon – fits up to 55 gal. (208.2l) can – 2ft.11 3/4in.x4ft.5 7/8in. – 1.1mil – 90.8×138.8cm. – caution: plastic bags can cause suffocation. Do not leave these bags in areas accessible to small children. Not recommended for food storage. – Cuidado: las bolsas plasticas pueden sofocar. No dejar estas bolsas en lugares accesibles a ninos pequenos. No se recomiendo pare guardar alimentos. – Manufactured in USA for Ace Hardware Corp. Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 EE.UU (copyright) 2010 082901252474; having not purchased a plastic bag in more than 20 yrs today I did in order to accomplish 2 secret missions – I estimate the remaining 10 should be sufficient for the remainder of my time (bags available upon request); each bag is approx 3×4.5ft, total roll size is approx 10″x3″diameter.          UNTITLED (CLAW FORM); mon12:45:33pm21jun2004; wire, joint compound, plastic, thread trimmings, masking tape, clear tape, translucent paper; main body 1.75×6.3.73 inches.          HORIZON LINE POINTER-OUTER PIECE; 2005 & 2013; 4.5×16.5×14.75 in; house paint, Sharpie marker ink, ink, charcoal, graphite, a Q-tip, string, plastic, 100 MPH tape, sketchbooks, framed pieces (mixed), masking tape.          INADVERTENT FELONS – NOT FOR SALE – NOT INCLUDED IF/WHEN ISJWTBAM(SICDGTAHP) IS PURCHASED; 2003 (and 2013); 5″x 12″x 18″; all the feathers of 1 wood stork, cardboard, ink, post-it, tape, 4 cans, 1 plastic cup, 1 small security envelope with 14 photographs.  In 1997, in Estero, FL, I happened upon a wood stork standing on the side of a soon-to-be-widened road.  I slowed.  Then I stopped.  It was standing in the tall grass, next to its mate – its mate’s head completely tire-flattened.  I cried – sappy me.  I took the mass of slop home.  I plucked the feathers. Still dazed, I laid the carcass in the woods.  One day I hope to return the feathers to those woods.          HAIRBAND, BLUE, PARKING LOT, TRAILHEAD, 36TH ST, TUCSON MOUNTAIN PARK, TUCSON, ARIZONA, US; tue05:38:41pm30oct2014; textile fibers, elastic; 2.75×1.75 inches.          HAIRBAND, MAGENTA, PARKING LOT, K-MART, BROADWAY & KOLB, TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA; fri11:30:33am10oct2014; textile fibers, elastic; 1.75 inches diameter.

isjw 10b

images:  here.

H   O       I   Z   O   N         L I NE


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