BOX #50

isjw 50 box closed

isjw 50 box openisjw 50 layout inside

MR PALMER IMAGINES PEACE; tue11:00:07am12jun2012; an American flag, a button, some string, a signature, 2 clothes labels, some imitation fur, a little masking and clear tape, another (bigger) button, various notes and other paper and plastic items, ink, graphite, metal; main body is 4.25×3.25×1.25 inches (flag, hanging strings, fur, and smaller button extend beyond this measurement); main body is to be pinned to chest while smaller button may hang free or be pinned in-to location chosen by wearer. SOMETIMES IT SEEMS ALL I’M REALLY DOING IS SOMETIMES IT SEEMS ALL I’M REALLY DOING IS ENTERTAINING THE CAT; fri09:25:11pm16nov2012, graphite, masking tape, leftover newsprint packing paper, traces of cat and people DNA; approx 69×59 inches. STEP 2 (REDUCED FROM 3363 TO 1425 CUBIC INCHES); mon29oct2012; styrofoam packing from a vacuum cleaner box, styrofoam packing from a 21” computer monitor, 55 Payday candy bar wrappers, 3 used white Calvin Klein undershirts minus sections ripped out during trail runs that were used as butt wipes, a worn out long-sleeved gray Gap t-shirt, a worn out washcloth; originally 22×18.5×9 inches very slowly condensed to 18.5x11x7 inches. LAMPSHADES; 2005; 12(?) assorted lampshades taken from a dumpster in Naples, Florida, sorted, support wires removed, flattened, stacked, wrapped in paper, taped; 16x28x.5 inches (in wrapped state). 2 VERY-WELL-WORN WASH RAGS GENTLY TIED WITH 70 INCHES OF STRING AWAITING FURTHER USE; tue11:31:11am12jun2012; cloth, dirt, string; 7.5x4x2 inches. COMPACT STACK OF (FROM BOTTOM TO TOP) 2 USED BROWN HAIRBANDS, 5 BROKEN PLASTIC NALGENE WATER BOTTLE LIDS (WHITE, BLUE, BLACK), A BLACK PLASTIC CAR BATTERY TERMINAL COVER, A LARGE FOUND METAL WASHER, A BLACK FELT WASHER, A FOUND SMALL METAL KEY RING, A LARGE GREEN FELT WASHER, A LARGE GALVINIZED METAL SWIRL, A FOUND WHITE HAIRBAND, A METAL ‘FITS RITE’ BROOM HANDLE HANGER TIP, A RED PLASTIC CAR BATTERY TERMINAL COVER, A SMALL GREEN FELT WASHER, A GREEN PLASTIC NASAL SPRAY BOTTLE SECURITY PIECE, A SMALL METAL SWIRL…WITH A CARL’S JUNIOR FAST FOOD PAPER LUNCH BAG; 2012; elastic, plastic, metal, felt, paper; 5.25×3 (diameter) inches (excluding the paper bag). “HELLO MY NAME IS (TRYING NOT TO)”; fri07:55:13pm25jan2013; string, tape, paper, ink, metal, plastic, several folded 8.5×11-inch pieces of paper with jpeg images, a whole bunch of generic post-it notes with lists and notes written on them throughout the year, other misc stuffs; 3.75×3.25×1.75 inches. 10:07:31 O’CLOCK; early 2013; a broken Timex wrist watch with a The Band band along with 7 pairs of broken reading glasses; 5.75×2.25 (diameter) in. 8 OLD USED SPONGES AND 9 SMALL BLUE RUBBER BANDS AND SOME WATER; sun06:12:33pm22dec2013; 8 old used sponges and 9 small blue rubber bands 4×4.25×2.75 inches. FOUND FANCY LIGHT BLUE HAIRBAND WITH BLACK POLKA DOTS AND HASTY POST-IT NOTE CASE; 12:05pm02feb2013; thread, elastic, rubber, paper, Sharpie marker ink; 1.5x3x.25 in (when in hasty post-it note case). HAIRBAND, BLUEGREEN, FOUND ON GROUND IN A PUBLIC SPACE SOMEWHERE IN MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA; 03:08:15pm during the first week of jun2012; cloth, elastic; 1/8-inch thick & 2-inch diameter. A DENTIST, A PODIATRIST, AND A POOR MAN GOING THROUGH A MID-LIFE CRISIS WALK INTO A BAR…; sun04:33:38pm22dec2013; a worn-once $400 plastic mouth night guard (and a $5 worn-once plastic mouth guard custom-molded by the poor man) with case and a pair of $75 worn-once foot orthoses with info page in a brown paper bag with a blue rubber band around it; 12x5x3 in. YOUAREGOINGTOBEOK.COM; sun05:03:17pm11nov2012; string, tape, paper, ink (except for string & tape, the rest is all mail that arrived at post office box 1413, Novato, California, USA 94948 within a 6-month period, Jun-Nov2012); 2x3x4 inches w/40-inch string. BICEP; mon03:15:09pm05sep2011; string, tape, paper, ink; 10.5 in. (string), .75 in. width (tape). THIGH; mon03:11:22pm05sep2011; string, tape, paper, ink; 20 in. (string), .75 in. width (tape). 3 LITTLE THINGS FOUND UPON SELLING MY USED CAR; fri02:02:02pm10aug2012; carpet fragment, broken screwdriver; well-worn hair clip; size varies, hair clip is2.5 in. GLASS, DRINKING, BROKEN, JAN2013; fri12:20:00pm18jan2013; glass, traces of pumpkin; 4×3.5 (diameter) inches. BICEP; mon03:15:09pm05sep2011; string, tape, paper, ink; 10.5in string, .75in wide tape. THIGH; mon03:11:22pm05sep2011; string, tape, paper, ink; 20in string, .75in wide tape. A $1 POEM FROM A STOPLIGHT TRAFFIC SIGNAL POET; jan2012; paper, ink; 8.5x11in. HAIRBAND, BLACK, STRETCHED-OUT, W/EYEHOOK, MARINWOOD MARKET PARKING LOT, MARINWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA; tue11:28:29am27aug2013; fiber, elastic, metal; approx 2.25in diameter by 1/16in thick. HAIRBAND, GRAY, WITH CARDBOARD DISC, PARKING LOT, STRIP MALL, IN FRONT OF DMV, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; thu11:20:45am06sep2012; cloth, elastic, hair, dirt; approx 1/8in x 2in diameter. HAIRBAND, ORANGE, PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF ARCH RIVAL SHOE STORE, KENTFIELD, MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA; sunafternoon19aug2012; cloth, elastic; approx 1/8in thick x 2in diameter. HAIRBAND, WORN, BROKEN, DIRTY, OD GREEN, FOUND ON A CONCRETE WALKWAY, UNDER A REDWOOD TREE, AT A UNIVERSITY, IN SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, USA; mon11:45:01am27aug2012; textile fibers, elastic, dirt; approx 1/8×7 inches. HAIRBAND, BLACK WITH CARDBOARD DISC, PARKING LOT, 7 PARKING SPACES STRAIGHT OUT FROM THE ENTRY DOORS OF PETCO PET SUPPLIES STORE, 208 VINTAGE WAY, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; mon01:51:43pm18jun2012; cardboard, cloth, elastic; approx 2in diameter x 1/8in thick. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?; Christmas Eve 2013; black tape, clear tape, audio tape, paper, ink, plastic; 4.25×3.25×2.75 inches.

more images: here.



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