BOX #1

isjw 1a
A BROKEN GLASS BROKEN MORE AND PUT IN A WHITE PAPER BAG WITH A POST-IT NOTE; fri03:12:14pm22jun2012; glass, paper, ink, tape; 3 1/2x5x1 1/2in.           SHOE SHELF WITH W/O 3 FOAM RUBBER PIECES FROM A GIFT PACK OF PEARS; 14 APR 2007 fri05:22:38pm27jul2012; Shoe shelf (main piece) is 12 ¾” x 18 ¼” x 8”; 2 foam rubber pieces are 1 ¾” x 4 ¼” x 10 ½”, the other foam rubber piece is 1 ¾” 4 ½” x 6 ¾”…the foam rubber pieces have been removed…2 were sent to Ljubljana, Slovenia (here) and the other 1 was cut in 2 and put in Box#56 (here); wood (free board from garage sale in foothills of Albq, NM, spackled, rasped, painted…moved to Marin County, CA, cut…original size approximately 2” x 10” x 110”, used as shoe shelf in Albq), sisal, twine (with plastic wrapper, free, left behind by tenants who’d rented my parents’ condo…wrapper label reads: 1279 Farr’s stationers $.98 Stay Clean Polished Twine No. 24 300 ft. (100 yds.) Shuford Mills Inc., (since 1880) Hickory, N. C. 28601 (Patent No. 2,720,309) keep wrapped saves time price pull loose end saves twine break 50 pounds, tiny plastic sword, paint, 4 post-it notes, ink.      BLOWGUN WITH TARGET; 31dec2011; used pizza cardboard, tape, ink, unused unrequested plastic straws, rubber band, used empty ink cartridges, a used cat foofy;p size varies when in use, target is 16″ diameter, blowgun and darts (closed position) are 10 1/2″x2″x2″.           HASTY NO-FRILLS iPAD CASE, USED SEALED AIR JIFFY LITE #5 CUSHIONED MAILER, WITH TAPE; wed04:37:55pm30may2012; dirt, ink, tape, plastic, air, 100% re-recycled paper fibers / 10% post-consumer; 9 7/8″x11 1/4″x1/4″. GLASS, BROKEN SOMETIME IN 2011; tue05:53:55pm17apr2012; glass; 4 1/2″x3 3/4″.    7  MORE…THAT MAKES 51 SO FAR; sunnoon20may2012; 7 used sponges (4 green & 3 yellow) and a blue rubber band; 4″x4″x2 3/8″.           A GREEN & TAN CARDBOARD DOT FROM BOX #63; fri09:25:17am25may2012; cardboard; 1 3/4″x1 5/8″x 1/8″.           ANOTHER POEM, PURCHASED FOR $1 AT 11AM +/- AT THE INTERSECTION NEAREST THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IN NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; thu10may2012; paper, ink, dirt; 8 1/2″x11″.           HAIRBAND, BLACK, SIDEWALK, 410 BLACKSTONE DR, SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA, USA; fri03:08:19pm13apr2012; elastic, cloth; 2 1/4″x1 5/8″x3/32″.           HAIRBAND, YELLOW, EXACT LOCATION UNKNOWN, SOMEWHERE IN PACHECO VALLEY, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; sunb/w2-4pm22apr2012; cloth, plastic, elastic; 1 3/8″ diameter & 7/16″ thick.   HAIRBAND, TAN, ASPHALT ENTRANCE TO CHICKEN SHACK FIRE ROAD TRAILHEAD, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; fri02:41:22pm20apr2012: cloth, elastic; 1 7/8″ diameter & 1/8″ thick.           FOUND, PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF GOODWILL STORE, 936 7TH ST #L, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA, (415)897-5144; mon10:47:19am16apr2012; plastic, wire; approx 1/4″x12″.           HAIRBAND, BLACK, FOUND ON A WHITE PARKING SPACE LINE, PARKING LOT, GROCERY OUTLET, NOVATO, MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA; tue10:38:17am29may2012; cloth, elastic; 5/32″x1 7/8″x2 1/2″.           HAIRBAND, BLACK, U-SAVE LIQUOR STORE PARKING LOT, A STRIP MALL SOMEWHERE IN NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; wed11:00:03am23may2012; cloth, elastic; 3/32″ thick & 1 1/4″ diameter.           HAIRBAND, BROWN, SOUTH SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF SPOTLESS CLEANERS, 732 4TH ST, SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, (415)456-3200; sat10:53:52am02jun2012; cloth, elastic; 3″x1 7/8″x5/32″.           THE CROW’S EX SHUNS, HE SAY ME FOOT ME FOOT OH ME FOOT; tue07:51:08pm29may2012; a used popsicle stick and a green rubber band; 4 1/2″x1/2″x1/8″. BROKEN READING GLASSES WITH SPLINT; fri10:37:01am01jun2012; reading glasses, 2 twist-ties, a found Dairy Queen spoon – (plastic, metal, dirt); 7 5/8″x1″x1″.           MR PALMER AGAIN RIDES; tue01:11:10pm13mar2012; blue whipping twine, worn out & broken blinds string, 4 silica desiccant packs, 2 security tags cut from 2 pairs of pants, plastic, paper, ink, tape, a fortune, a movie theater ticket, and more; main body is 3 3/4″x3 1/4″x1 3/4″.          PACKAGING FROM CONTAINER OF GNOCCHI & BROKEN GLASS LID; mon04:25:31pm06feb2012; plastic, glass, tape; 7 1/2″x5 3/4″x2″ (lid measured 9-10″ in diameter before it broke).          BROKEN PLATE, GREEN, WITH MASKING TAPE, BROKE SUN07:45PM29JAN2012; sun11:41:17pm29jan2012; painted ceramic, masking tape; 1 1/2″x9 1/2″ diameter.           ANOTHER SHOWPAK (SO-ING WHAT BLUES, TRIM FIT AWARD, 2-LEGGED FINGER PUPPET DANCE COUPLE, EYE GUARD WITH 4 DESICCANT CYLINDERS AND 20 DATE PITS, PLAYTIME BURRITO PACK, PUPPY WITH BALL & STRING & COILING NAIL, COMMEMORATIVE JIM MORRISON – OBAMA ’08 LEAKY PEN, KEY MARRIAGE COUNSELING NOTES ACCIDENTALLY WASHERED (WITH 2 ARCH SUPPORTS); sat01:38:21pm02jun2012; metal, plastic, cloth, wax, rubber, wood, organic stuffs, ink, paper; layout size varies – showpak container is 10″x14″ when empty. HAIRBAND, ORANGE W/SILVER BANDS, FOUND IN GUTTER AT 428 BLACKSTONE DRIVE, SAN RAFAEL (MARINWOOD), CA, USA; sun04:37:15pm08jan2012; elastic, cloth, metal, plastic; approx 1/8″ thick x 1 3/4″ diameter. HAIRBAND, BROWNISH MAROON, W/HAIR, FOUND PETPRO PET SUPPLY PARKING LOT, 909 D ST, SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA; sat01:44:45pm17dec2011; elastic, cloth, hair; approx 1/8″ thick by approx 2″ (excluding hair).           HAIRBAND, MAROON, HALVED TWICE UPON ITSELF, FOUND ON SIDEWALK, IN FRONT OF SFMOMA, 151 3RD ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA; tue12:15:22pm03jam2012; elastic, cloth; approx 1/2″ think by approx 2″ diameter.           HAIRBAND, GRAY, WORN, BROKEN, NOVATO FAIR SHOPPING CENTER, STORE #4293, 928 DIABLO AVE, NOVATO, CA, USA; wed10:53:22am15feb2012; elastic, cloth, dirt, metal; 1/8″x5 1/8″.           HAIRBAND, BLACK, PARKING LOT, GROCERY OUTLET, 1535 SOUTH NOVATO BLVD, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; tue11:57:55am14feb2012; elastic, cloth; 1/8″ thick by 2″ diameter.           HAIRBAND, DIRTY, ORANGE-RED-ORANGE, PARKING LOT, NOVATO LIBRARY, 1720 NOVATO BLVD, NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA; mon12:53:07pm13feb2012; elastic, cloth, dirt; 1/8″ thick x 2″ diameter.           TIT IN A RINGER, THE MUSICAL (INOP REFRIGERATOR PART REMOVED AND REFORMED BY REPAIRMAN WHILE SITTING CROSS-LEGGED IN A CREAKY OAK CHAIR AND LEFT WITH THE OTHER ARTIST TO PLAY); tue11:08:08am05jun2012; plastic, metal; 3 1/8″x2 3/8″x3″.
isjw 1b
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