2002, a grouping

2002, fall, Basement Gallery, Art Department, University of California at Davis, California, USA, 1st term graduate school, group show including all 8 new art grad students.

A grouping, multiple artworks as one…not yet all artworks as one but an important step toward ISJWTBAM(SICDGTAHP)


look but do not touch

At the end of the first year of grad school at UC Davis in the summer of 2003 I changed studios, from a dark dank smallish space to a largish airy skylit space.

It was at that point that I realized I was working on an all-encompassing on-going artwork…a box was no longer only a box, a single ‘finished’ artwork was no longer just that…it all was 1 artwork made of artworks made of artworks made of artworks.

I intuitively situated all my stuff into the new space and called it an installation.  I left it that way for 24 hours with the door wide open with a sign stating ‘look, but do not touch’.  As far as I know no one saw it.