2001, what got me in

Late fall, 2001, in Sacramento, California, USA, I applied to the graduate program at the University of California at Davis.  I had a set of slides shot by Izzy Schwartz…

I was accepted to the program.

Half way through the program I combined the slides, all the actual pieces in the slides, and all the support materials that were part of the application packet into 1 artwork entitled, WHAT GOT ME IN…

Currently, they are in BOX #3…here.


1998, studio

1998, studio, Florida Room, Buchanan Road, San Carlos Park, Fort Myers, Florida, USA.


Illustration fully ditched, fine art fully committed to.

Intuitively making things while very consciously determining a definition of fine art.

Shift focus from 2-d to 3-d.

Shift from consumer to non-consumer.

Overwhelming feeling of being buried by my own crap…recognition dealing with my own crap would be critical somehow in my art.

Developing views/philosophy on teaching (taught 2 classes, basic design/drawing/painting, per semester at local community college from 1996-2000).

look but do not touch

At the end of the first year of grad school at UC Davis in the summer of 2003 I changed studios, from a dark dank smallish space to a largish airy skylit space.

It was at that point that I realized I was working on an all-encompassing on-going artwork…a box was no longer only a box, a single ‘finished’ artwork was no longer just that…it all was 1 artwork made of artworks made of artworks made of artworks.

I intuitively situated all my stuff into the new space and called it an installation.  I left it that way for 24 hours with the door wide open with a sign stating ‘look, but do not touch’.  As far as I know no one saw it.